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    Written by . Posted at 7:20 am on December 30th, 2010

    I’m happy to announce that Link-Dead is one of the first few games available on the digital game download platform called Desura. Desura is something like Steam except that it kicks Steam’s ass because it is:
    – indie-friendly (made by the creators of ModDB & IndieDB)
    – community driven
    – mods and downloadable content support

    Pay-what-you-want pricing is not currently available so I fixed the price to 4.99EU/$. I decided this amount because it is the average donation I get for Link-Dead. So go support Link-Dead, support Desura and have some awesome times playing it!

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    1. great, this site sounds great !

    2. How is Steam un-indie friendly? There are TONS of indie friendly games on there.

      Also, they provide keys to use their servers to download the Humble bundles (pay what you want).

    3. Vector: cause they aren’t friendly to me :)

    4. Ah.. Probably because the game isn’t out of Alpha yet. :)

    5. so buying it there is buying the full version of the game? if not it’s kinda misleading.
      PS. now we know why it made to top 100 on moddb. guhuhu

    6. Nice… good to see link dead on the same page as better known indie game.

      Heres hoping you end up rich after this one !

    7. I am quite sure no one donated 4.99. Why the hell would they donate 4.99 instead of 5.

    8. @PQ it seems like 99 people paid 5 dollars and 1 person paid $4.

    9. On ModDB and Desura it says that Link Dead is a “Mac, Linux, PC” game. Is there really a Mac build? I’ll definitely buy the game if there is

    10. It seems to be a 3rd person shooter as well lol

    11. @ bobob : not on mac yet but keep your finger crossed…

    12. @PQ: cuz it is 3rd person shooter with side-scroller view

    13. What happens to the people who have bought it already? do we still get updates?

    14. @manman I hope so. MM didn’t say anything about it.

    15. nice>by\but

    16. game money…

    17. inn game not many bugs //^%^^

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