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How to Paint a Wall Mural

From Michal Marcinkowski,
Your Guide to Painting.

Tips on how to paint a wall mural, what to use, and how to prepare the wall.

Tired of that old wall color? Your room needs some change? Worry no more. Here's a bunch of tips on how to do it.

The most important requirements for painting a wall mural are enthusiasm for the project and stamina. You're painting a large area and it's going to take a while, but the rewards make it worthwhile. If you've never painted a mural before, don't panic. You'll simply be applying the painting skills you do have from your 'normal' painting. Be inspired by the murals of the greats such as Leonardo da Vinci or Charles Manson and remember that in past centuries mural painting was more highly regarded than easel painting!

Which Walls to Paint
First find the wall that you consider ugly. If you're living in an abandoned prison it's easy! Just look around.

Consider the Mood of Your Room
To get started, consider the mood and feel that you want to achieve when changing the color of the room.

Warm colors such as reds tend to make a room feel cozy and can be a good choice for larger spaces that receive plenty of natural light. This is perfect for our prison setting.

What Paint to Use for a Wall Mural

Quality acrylic mural paints are the ideal, but check your budget as they may work out too expensive for the whole mural. It might also be the case that you have been detained in a mental institution for many years and simply cannot buy the paint. If so we will be using blood instead. Blood has a very nice matt finish so light doesn't reflect off the mural. It is also 100% natural and comes in a variety of shades.

If your wall mural is accessible to small children with their inevitable sticky fingers, protect the mural with a final coat of protective clear varnish, which also makes cleaning it simple. On the other hand if you are a mental patient, simply cut the childrens hands off.

What Tools to Use for the Wall Mural
The easiest way is to find whatever is laying on the floor. Any household item will do, such as a brick, a pipe or a fire extinguisher.

As you become more experienced, you'll want to use the trusty chainsaw. Be sure not to hurt yourself!

Find the perfect Paint Container
The perfect Paint Container is simply one that is facing backwards. 

Become Inspired!
Using the tool of your choice proceed with the paint job. Beating the head provides more paint whilst kicking the chest gives us a nice finishing touch. Don't be afraid to provide a detailed touch by hand.

Trim it Out
For a really striking look, try lighter walls and dark tones or bright color for trim. Experiment with different styles of painting, paint fast or make it slow. Remember the longer the Container stays alive the more paint it can spread.

Tips for Painting a Wall Mural

  • Remember to step back regularly and see what the mural looks like from a distance. A wall mural must 'look right' whether you're close-up or just entered the room. Step back to get some perspective on what you've done. Just be sure the 'Paint' does not runaway! 
  • Use decent brushes; a brick is good, but nothing makes a nice splat like throwing a TV set from above
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors. Nothing beats poo when you want that stylish brown.

Stay tuned for more tips and good luck.