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  • Written by . Posted at 5:39 am on November 27th, 2009

    Having some fun times with pixel shader filters. First one is a Sobel Edge Detector, second is rotoscoping effect, third is a normal with a mix of rotoscoping.

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    1. I swear that’s Boba Fett every time I see it.

    2. I like the rotoscoping. Some moving pictures would be great.

    3. U MAD?

      Ugly, ugly, ugly.

    4. They all look retro as hell! AWSUM

    5. the last one is ready to be used ingame :)

    6. HexanValaris

      This is photomalipulated with photoshop, ithink:P
      if have a change to put this into the game, do it, but i think create toggle on/off in options.

    7. [I]
      Team Fortress 2d MUSTSEE
      Metal slug for LOOOts of ideas (for gfx too)
      About Mechs/walking robots

    8. Will these shaders be in some customizable modder-(un)friendly form of buried deep in the hellish depths of the hardcoding?

    9. I am amazed that somebody likes that 90’s photoshop filters.

      I’m loosing all my faith in this game. :(

      (My English is bad, I know)

    10. Biscuiteer

      Chiptune, its worth noting that MM is merely trying out a few filters for the hell of it; these are very unlikely to be the final filter used.

      To be honest, i too am not looking forward to Link-Dead but i am not angry with what MM has developed with it. It is his project, after all, not ours. He will develop it as he wishes and if you don’t like the direction he is going, well tough luck.

      There are plenty of other games out there, i’m sure you will find one to your liking. If you still prefer to criticize his work, then so be it. Just understand that he is working on his project, and he is enjoying his efforts.

      As for me, ill wait patiently until MM begins work on ‘Soldat 2′, whenever that may occur.

      To MM: Your project is showing plenty of progress, and its looking quite nice. I too am wondering if filters are able to be modified in the final build.

    11. I thought I posted my comment earlier today… fricken Windows. Been crashing on all my computers – trojans or something. Anyway…

      I like the first one – it has a thermal image kind of look… which begs the question then, will filters be a modding choice or scriptable? Because I’d love to see – x-ray and thermal type stuff – such as being able to see through walls, etc (in the 2D sense).

    12. It’s only that the game was promising to me in its beginnigs, but now it’s not really going in the direction i’d like.

      But, well, you’re right, is his project and like we say in Spain “el gato es mío y me lo follo cuando quiero” (the cat is mine and I fuck him whenewer I want, roughly translated).

    13. @Chiptune, Thats a beautiful saying.

      Anyway, I too are dissapointed about link-dead, only because of that control scheme, but as long as the old soldat scheme is in the game, it will turn out to be good, and who knows, this new scheme could turn out to be an awesome change to the game. Me personally, i’m waiting for the engine so i can mod it.

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