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    Written by . Posted at 7:11 am on November 24th, 2007

    Last update 31.01.2007

    I would like to write a song
    That is so vibrant and so intimate
    That the earth would adopt it
    As if it had sprung like the stream
    From the land’s memory
    As if no one had written it but life itself
    And my song would travel along
    From bird to wing, to tree
    To breeze to heart to breath to song
    Because a song belongs to everyone
    Like the spring

    A Song; Vangelis



    I came up with this chord progression on my guitar. The theme sounds very mediterranean  whatever that means.



    This is one of the pieces I do not know where it comes from. I did not produce this consciously. It was just something that wanted to get out of my head. Because I am not very good at listening and knowing what kind of notes I’m hearing I had to make all of this by trial and error. Each note painstakingly typed in without any knowledge why it was meant there. It just felt good. It’s one of my personal favourites.



    Another song I have no idea where it came from. I used several chords and scale modes that I had no idea exist. I was just writing what felt good and trying to get the music out of my head. When I look at the structure of the composition it is technically very interesting and looks like I engineered it but I didn’t.



    I have good memories associated with this piece. It is a very simple song. I recorded the guitar solo in the first take. I actually made a second one but it wasn’t as good as the first one. I was completely spontaneous and because of that it gives a distinct feeling to the music. I like this one a lot.



    These kinds of tracks are just fun for me. It’s a canon piece. Meaning there is a repeating chord progression and during each repetition there is added a new layer of sound and melody.



    I wanted to make music for a specific purpose this time. It was meant for a medieval RPG game theme. Not my game, I was just having fun.



    I imagine this being played at the end of a concert. A 5 minute ending solo on guitar. I really like playing this one. You can hear me plugging in the amp at the beginning, I recorded it in one go.



    This piece of music came to my head while I was high on cold medicine. It’s also sort of a draft of what I would like link-dead music to be like.


    cult of the ubermensch

    Probably the best song from my tracker days. This would fit link-dead too.


    R soundtrack



    This one is beautiful, I know its my own piece, but I really love it.



    A piece I wrote with Link-Dead in mind.

    Check back later for more…

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    1. […] I’m interested what other people think about it. You can find the music in this new section My Music. Don’t expect to hear a specific style cause I experiment with everything. All the stuff […]

    2. on “tumble”:

      – the main melody is almost the same as in “One Shot At Glory” from Judas Priest. here’s a link:

    3. mat: yup, it’s just the first 2 chords, it’s unavoidable with such a simple melody.

    4. Added new track – “cult of the ubermensch”.

    5. i listen to these, i hear lead instruments playing together.

      of course the guitar is a lead instrument most of the time.

      learning the music of complex “supporting instruments” such as the french horn and viola can really help to understand how to play music in more of a baroque style, which doesnt have to be slow.

      Baroque is very meditative when you play, it helps to work out all the cogs out of the system by seeing music backwards and forwards at the same time while you are playing. This is important if you are trying to build music in your own style.

      if you are looking to get more spontaneous, i would advise practicing scales a couple hours a day MM. :]

    6. Meerrettich

      All I can say, «cult of the ubermensch» doesn’t really fit imho. Have a look at some industrial bands like Ministry and dark electro bands like Heimataerde

    7. RGK: I can’t combine lead instruments, who says that? Show me your work.

    8. All musicians making their own music have tendincies of course that comes from their understanding of the instruments they have played. I was just explaining my view of these songs, which i like, btw, especially palulal.

      All electronic musicans could benefit from a simple understanding of baroque music and how different instruments relate to eachother…..aside from each of them playing their part in the same song. Electronic musians have access to an infinite variety of sounds and the means to explore them in infinite ways. Still many electronic musicians have tendincies that dont relfect this.

      The way alot of baroque music was composed, under rules and guidelines drove the musicians to exploring as many angles as possible Like the characteristics of two completely different instruments (violin and harp) which seem completely unrelated being able to create the same sound in a song.

      no MM, I dont let people listen to my music.

    9. Yes I agree with you completely. If most musicians had even a slight understanding of music theory it would benefit the experience a lot.

      I actually do study Bach quite a lot. I sometimes sit for hours and play him on my guitar, trying to figure out how he did it. Does following the guidelines produce good music? That’s one of the things I wonder about. Did Bach follow rules or did he create them? I think music theory is an attempt to scientifically understand the process of great music. But it isn’t how you create classics. I can write music without even listening to it by using theory. I can write a canon piece in 5 minutes. It will sound good but will it be beautiful or will it just sound like pleasant elevator music?

    10. MM, I think you right about creating a classic song. That it cant be created from music theory alone. I think of songs as organs.
      Some songs have an attractive shape or colored organ, others are just interesting parts glued together. The scary thing about classical musicians like Bach is that there music resembles an organ which should not be able to exhist. The deeper you look the more instricately constructed parts their are…..all workign together perfectly.

      years ago, I heard about classical musicans who played/composed music at specific rythmns because different benefits they each had on the mind and body. When i looked more into it, i was shocked to the extent that classical composers and musicians had developed this and understood these things.

      I think i experienced a bit of it myself when I would sit down to compose music but would often end up isolating the most attractive simple notes and playing them over and over. Much to my amazment, i never got tired of it, it felt good. I used to think i was hypnotyzing myself into becoming a bad musician. In fact i was dumbing my mind down but i was also using my emotions to their fullest extent to re-enforce this, it was like a blackhole, an addiction. I enjoyed taking every note of every song i heard and fitlering it/breaking it down to its simplist form.

      The way that escaped this was not from will power, but only when speed and technical accuracy became more attractive then the slow hypnotized music playing.

      how does Bach do it? :)

    11. i think mabey there is a peak and valley to playing something over and over like music scales. Is it best to play through it, or to let it go for a while?

    12. Oh the rabbit hole goes deeper than you think. Take your time and study how music affects your body. Ancient hindus actually believed that everything is sound (if you think about it, all is vibration of energy, like sound).
      This guy - has some amazing insights about the nature of music, if you read it, he explains the same effect you had by listening to one note. He discovered there is something much more powerful in music than you might think.

    13. The rabbit hole goes deep indeed.
      I read a few chapters of that, very interesting. I must find a way to hear that music, those notes asap.

      I have some tantric exercise expierence and have studied chakras and other engergy centers inside the body. Unfortunately I had some very bad side effects from it and stopped. But this looks looks like something else comepletely, ive never seen anything like it. Thanks.

    14. He sells a CD, you can google it probably, there are samples there. The music he makes sounds like nothing you’ve heard before.

      Did you ever notice that different tones feel differently in different body areas? I find that fascinating, it makes me wonder how this is all connected, are chakras for real? I know they are and they can be dangerous, if you’re ever gonna do them start with the first 3 and then move up.

    15. wow man, i listen to those samples, you are right, I have never heard anything like. It was slow and fast at the same time. I love the depth of the sounds and the strong textures. It had decent physical effects on me. The negative effects were thirst and dry mouth. The positive effects were slight euphoria/happiness and I was filled with energy.

      Ive done a lot of internal energy work over the years, and anything targeting the chakras ussually backfires for me.

      What has worked for me, specifically Daoist culture exercises, are good for health but not good for creativity. In fact, it is beleived in Daoist culture, that nothing a human does can ever improve on nature( i believe the opposite). So its views on creativity are passive because creativity uses energy that is required in its exercises.

      One of my secrets to improving technique is the use of chi. I use a poor mans version of daoist exercises. I am not good at generating energy, but I am good at using it. I have it balanced, but I could always use more energy….. especially different energy.

      I certainly see the potential for my creative side, I could really feel it listening to this music, that was pretty shocking. But i will have to be careful, i dont want to drain myself. ill have to see how things develop.

      again thankyou

    16. aaa

    17. Added new track – “Bomba”.

    18. I like cult of the ubermensch song 😛

    19. Fajny blog, ale szkoda, że po angielsku:) Pozdrawia fan soldata!

    20. I know you’ve said it before, but I just can’t find the post… what program did u use to make some of the songs?

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    22. kuba i kamil

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    24. Maybe you wrote it here … what form these songs? FL Studio?

    25. ‘turym’ is my favorite so far; you should improvise on guitar more, and record it every time. you can come up with some really cool stuff that way.


    26. спасибо

    27. Many thanks for posting an amazing tune :) I really like it!

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