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    January 14th 2008

    Raw Deal

    They need an undercover agent to infiltrate the Chicago mafia. Who’s the best man for the job?


    Of course a 260lbs bodybuilder with an accent and an obvious cigar smoking habit.
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    October 5th 2007

    How NOT to make movies – Alien versus Predator

    You all probably know I’m a major Predator fan/lover. So do you think I anticipated the Alien versus Predator movie? Hell no! I knew it would be crap all along. I recently watched it and decided to write about how you should not make movies. If I’m really lucky maybe a Hollywood producer will read this, if not maybe you’re a future film maker so read on. This post is in the Arnold classics category because I want to show you how much Arnold movies are great in contrast. You may forget how actually awesome they are until you watch some shit movie like AvP.
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    September 9th 2007

    Arnold classics: Terminator 3

    terminator3.jpg Once again I present you an Arnold movie which kicks ass – “Terminator 3 Rise of the machines”. This movie became an instant classic the minute it had its premier. Because this movie is so great I collected a bunch of real facts and trivia that only I know about. You won’t find this anywhere else so check it out.
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    August 6th 2007

    Arnold classics: Dead lift

    There was a little known detective TV show back in the 70s called “The Streets of San Francisco”.  It would be all forgotten if not for one episode called “Dead lift”.
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    July 13th 2007

    Arnold classics: The Running Man

    I present you with the first post from a new series on my blog. I think you know what this is about.


    If you’ve ever wanted to see Jesse Ventura again with Arnold in the same movie after watching The Predator, search no more. The Running Man is a film set in 2017, in a doomed world, where a brutal reality show takes place used by the Justice Department’s – Entertainment Division (that’s the actual name) to control the nation. It is a typical 80’s movie, with action, blood, 1-liners and muscles starring our favorite austrian actor.

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