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    November 9th 2008

    Test Box 2.1

    Here’s a new version of the player movement and physics test box. There are a lot of minor changes here and experimentation. Tell me how you like it (is it better than the previous one?). The keys remain the same (see post below) except dropping from platform.


    Change log:

    • tweaked movement and physics control
    • double-tap crouch button (key S) to drop from platform
    • player doesn’t run on stairs by default
    • jump on stairs to run on them
    • bunny hopping prevention
    • smooth camera
    • respawning (press ESC to die)

    Known problems:

    • floating onto platform
    • player sometimes falls through platform
    • will slow-down or crash with large number of objects
    • sliding down ramps


    – added config file (config.txt) for changing all variables for anyone that likes to experiment

    – jumping is sensitive to key pressing┬á time