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    August 31st 2007

    The tightrope walker ringmaster part 1

    When Zarathustra arrived at the edge of the forest, he came upon a town. Many people had gathered there in the marketplace to see a tightrope walker who had promised a performance. The crowd, believing that Zarathustra was the ringmaster come to introduce the tightrope walker, gathered around to listen. And Zarathustra spoke to the people:I teach you the Overman! Mankind is something to be overcome. What have you done to overcome mankind?

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    August 31st 2007


    Just as a tree to live, it must constantly grow, spreading its roots and forming new branches, so does this blog in order to live must grow. That’s why I’m adding a new humanities section. This is about the things that are important to me, all else is either ideas that spawn from them or clutter.

    August 28th 2007

    Walking character

    Here’s yet another mix, Crimson Glory + R + Soldat. You can see I really like my games that’s why I like them all in one. This is a video I made today of a Zorth character walking on Arena. This is the new animation system in action. It is not near the final effect, you can only see here variable speed of walking depending on the characters speed. You can also see some nice blending effects. The final maps also won’t look anything like this as stated in my previous post.

    August 22nd 2007

    The revolution

    In my constant search for modding possibilities I have stumbled upon a technology that will completely transform the way 2D maps are built and look. I’ve been looking for this. Ever since Half-Life 2 got out I’ve seen that FPS games are no longer made for people to mod. Even John Carmack recently at the Quakecon stated that it is no longer possible for a small team to make a decent game by modding. An era for modded FPS games has ended. Welcome to a new era for 2D side-view games and mods.
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    August 20th 2007

    Google code and lobby news

    If you want to know some interesting stuff about the development of the Soldat lobby server be sure to visit FliesLikeABrick’s blog. He has a post on the history of the new lobby and the future possibilities of it. That means what new stuff might come up in Soldat in the nearest future.

    In other news:

    I added Crimson Glory (or Crimson Engine) to the Google Code open source repository.

    This is a chance for people to work together and add stuff because it uses SVN, this is also a chance to view the code and learn easily. This is an underestimated opportunity. What I’m giving you here is source code for an entire game engine. You won’t find this anywhere else (at least not a game of this kind).

    hubisiowy already made some fun with the game in this Soldat Forums thread, check it out.

    The projects home page can be viewed here.

    You can view the code from a web browser here.

    August 14th 2007

    Offline until 19.08.2007

    I will be gone and offline until Sunday.  EnEsCe is also gone until the 19th, that means no Soldat dev will be in the house. Unless you nag FliesLikeABrick to start some Lobby API and new lobby features. In other news Soldat PolyWorks has gone open source, so check it out.

    August 11th 2007

    The downside of game development

    At first I wanted to write a post for all people beginning their journey in game development, cause many ask me for advice. I wanted to write something inspirational but I’ll leave that for another time. Now I want to write about the aspect of game making that 99% of people never get to experience, because they never ship their game, they fail to finish it. I have just finished Soldat 1.4.2 and released it. What is it like to finish a game? Believe or not releasing the game is the downside of game development.
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    August 9th 2007

    New game announcment in September

    I promised to announce everything concerning my new game. That means the title, what it’s about and probably some concept art. With that I want to announce some job offers but I don’t want to do this now. The reason is I’ll probably get lots of e-mails about the game and I just don’t have time right now to fully commit to this task. It’s the summer season and I’m too distracted by non-game related things. So wait for probably the beginning of September and you’ll get to know everything.
    In the mean time I’m gonna release Soldat 1.4.2 which has been delayed now and of course wait for some development logs, cause I’ll show you probably some more candy.

    August 6th 2007

    Arnold classics: Dead lift

    There was a little known detective TV show back in the 70s called “The Streets of San Francisco”.  It would be all forgotten if not for one episode called “Dead lift”.
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    August 4th 2007

    Other bands play, Manowar KILL!

    gowl.jpg At first I wanted to write something in the same manner, about what I truly think games are about, why we play them and why I make them. But then I stumbled upon an article about Manowar. If you don’t know what Manowar is then you probably need to relive your life again because something went wrong. Manowar is about true kicking ass metal music, they live and they die for metal. I want to show what my attitude is for making games and what my new game will be all about.
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