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    Written by . Posted at 8:27 am on August 28th, 2007

    Here’s yet another mix, Crimson Glory + R + Soldat. You can see I really like my games that’s why I like them all in one. This is a video I made today of a Zorth character walking on Arena. This is the new animation system in action. It is not near the final effect, you can only see here variable speed of walking depending on the characters speed. You can also see some nice blending effects. The final maps also won’t look anything like this as stated in my previous post.

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    1. sweet

    2. awesome, the new animation system is shaping up : )

    3. Wow that looks really nice now. But i think the jet flames are two big. Thats just my opinion. But anyways it looks really nice.

    4. looks cool :)
      the jet flames look funny as. haha.
      seriously cant wait to see how this game will turn out

    5. Nice, jet flames look a lil wierd though

    6. Sin Melchiah

      Very nice indeed. It’s amazing, how much efort you put in your games. I’m very looking foward to this new game. If it will be nearly as good as soldat, you got yourself another respective fan :) Best wishes.

    7. Looking good MM, keep up the good work. 😀

    8. kool…. cant wait for the game

    9. Is it gonna be your final anim post? Or are you gonna post some more video on it latter?

    10. MM there’s something that I want to understand you know in CG or your new game at the top right of the screen theres a “rectangle” what is it for?

    11. amazing! so good

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