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    March 29th 2008

    The pencil

    Try thinking of a pencil without thinking of it as a pencil.

    That is do not think about the word ‘pencil’.

    Do not think about any symbol associated with a pencil.

    Do not think about the pencils structure,

    Don’t think about what constitutes a pencil.

    Don’t think about the stick of graphite.
    Don’t think about the wood or the metal.

    Don’t think about the eraser.

    Furthermore, don’t think about what constitutes the material.
    Don’t think about the atoms building the wood.

    Try zooming in as close as you possibly can into the pencil and its atoms. Where’s the end of it? Where do the objects forming the object end?

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    March 21st 2008

    Berserker & Link-Dead status update

    I don’t have anything to show, as I usually have when doing an update,  because lately I haven’t been adding any major additions to Berserker. It’s tweaking and fixing time, no visual updates. So here’s what we’ve done already and what still needs to be done in written form. Just to remind you Berserker is sort of a mod for Link-Dead. It will come out first, but it is the same engine and game architecture, so Transhuman is working on 2 games right now (oh I forgot we got a new site for Transhuman Design made by Sigvatr, he’s not dead by the way, at least that’s what he told me).
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    March 8th 2008

    Say hello to your masters

    This is one of those things, that might be the longest thing you’ve ever read on the Internet, but also might be of most value. So please continue.

    There is a sick assumption going on in our culture that we are somehow a separate unit or body and that we are in control of it. This is deeply perverse and the symptoms of this kind of thinking are thoughts like: I have, I must, I should – I have to survive, I must do something, I should be somebody. This of course causes stress, anxiety and general disorder of life and discontentment.

    I had no idea about this for most of my life but now I know and it makes a whole lot of difference. Let me tell you about a particular type of enlightenment I had about 2 years ago. This might explain the first sentence I wrote here, that we are not a unit and not directly in control.
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    March 2nd 2008


    People are essentially and fundamentally playful.

    Maybe I like this idea because I make games for a living, but maybe not.
    Maybe this is what the whole universe is about?

    The universe exists entirely out of itself. There is no cause of it happening. It just is. It exists to exist.
    The world is playful in its essence, because it is like a play, no concrete reason for it. This is the Zen standpoint on the meaning of our universe. We people, spawn out of the universe, we are part of it. So our purpose is the purpose of the universe.

    There was a Dutch theorist Johan Huizinga who wrote a book called Homo Ludens, which means “Man the Player”.

    It discusses the importance of the play element of culture and society. Huizinga makes it clear in the foreword of his book that he means the play element OF culture, and not the play element IN culture. Much can be said about play ‘in’ culture, like it’s a method of socializing, learning and bullshit like that. But wonder about the playfulness OF culture! Why does it exist? Why do people exist at all!?
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