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    July 24th 2008

    Pump your state!

    I’m feeling really pumped right now! And that’s because I’m really enjoying pumping states of entities via snapshots at each server loop!

    Well if you know what I mean… besides being a geek I am really enjoying programming the network code for Link-Dead nowadays and I decided to write something about it.

    I think the biggest challenge in producing a multiplayer game is the network code. It took me 2 years since starting to work on my engine to finally get to it. I wasn’t really thinking about it for this whole time, I was procrastinating. There was always something better to do than the net code.

    As you come to understand certain processes in human life you can’t be ignorant to them anymore. Procrastination isn’t some kind of disease. It is a strictly logical output of the way you are thinking. You don’t do things because you’re thinking about them in a wrong way, or not thinking at all. You can predict with mathematical precision whether you will finish something or not based on what is going on in your head. Procrastination absolutely isn’t an issue once you know EXACTLY what you want and you believe that what you want to do will make YOU HAPPY.
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    July 19th 2008

    Map Editor details

    As you know we’re looking for a tools programmer. We want to have a fully featured map editor, not only for Link-Dead, Berserker, but for all other games and mods that will be built on my engine. My original map format will be changing. If you’ve missed on how I did it, here are some links:

    Map format preview
    New map format – collision
    New mighty lighting efects

    To recap the maps are currently several layers that are painted in a graphic program and then blended and compiled together in a simple tool I made. This will be changing cause Sigvatr found a lot of problems with this approach: read more »

    July 3rd 2008

    Job: Tools Programmer

    Transhuman Design is looking for a mighty warrior which will go to war with us and create tools for the upcoming game Link-Dead with Michal Marcinkowski creator of the 2D multiplayer deathmatch game Soldat. The Tools Programmer will manage and implement new tools that will fullfil the dreams of thousands of gamers and mod-makers and help create glorious maps, battlefield arenas and epic animated characters in the new Link-Dead Universe.

    Essential Functions:

    – Create and design tools to translate the artists and game community dreams into reality
    – Build 2 primary tools: Map Creating Tool & Character Creator and Animator for the Link-Dead engine

    Desired Qualifications:

    – Professional C/C++ coding and design experience
    – Good communication and scheduling skills (english, forums/messenger)
    – Worked on at least one editor from start to finish
    – Great technical and graphical user interface design
    – Passion for playing and developing 2D games


    – Map making or animation programming experience
    – Experience with cross-platform and open source libraries
    – Likes Soldat and/or Transhuman Design games, philosophy and mission

    Please email resumes (along with demo reels, portfolios, sample code, and anything else that demonstrates your skills) to