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    September 30th 2009

    Reasons for ditching Box2d physics:
    1. It’s too complex, I don’t even need stuff like friction, its useless. I’m not making a physics game, it seems like all the physics game out there now are crappy Flash games (using Box2D). I’m not interested in that.
    2. Slow ragdolls. I can write much faster code.
    3. Too unpredictable – I need the movement to be less physics like, more like say Prince of Persia 1. This will come in handy for better network sync and bot movement.

    September 29th 2009

    I’m rewriting my own physics engine – postulate #4 To get things done, plan and and do only what is needed

    September 29th 2009

    I’m fed up with Box2d. I realized I started rewriting it while customizing it. I’ll just ditch it and write my own physics engine.

    September 28th 2009

    A realization that we came up with Eric. I’ll explain these later, I’m really coding right now.
    #3 Don’t do what a computer can do for you

    September 27th 2009

    Postulate #2: The best way to learn and become a master is to invent everything on your own.

    September 24th 2009

    I’m gathering postulates that I know are True so they will guide me in my journey:
    My 1st postulate “True art will defend itself alone”

    September 22nd 2009

    I started working on Bot AI again. I have it all sorted out now. Will post some effects soon.

    September 21st 2009

    I’ve been having some awesome insights lately. Some ideas I’ve been thinking about lately:
    1. 2. 3. 4.

    September 20th 2009

    Video of environmental effects in Link-Dead. The Dust Processor uses a cellular automaton to produce the effects (no particles were used).

    September 18th 2009

    Dust Processor

    As you know Link-Dead is a game set in a not so far future. There’s a war going on for many years. Hardly anything is left. Cities are just rubble and dust.

    The Dust Processor is something I invented to achieve a certain look and feel I want for Link-Dead. The best known present imagery for projecting that is the 9/11 WTC look.

    WTC look

    This is what I’m aiming for.

    DP doesn’t use any particles. It is basically a cellular automaton used for simulating environmental effects with my custom designed texture blenders. A glimpse of it are the fog effects seen on previous videos. I’ll be posting a video of the DP running on the weekend.