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  • Written by . Posted at 4:09 am on September 28th, 2009

    A realization that we came up with Eric. I’ll explain these later, I’m really coding right now.
    #3 Don’t do what a computer can do for you

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    1. Finish your fucking game.

    2. @Justin Shut up. Just because he’s posting postulates, doesn’t mean he’s not making the game.

      Besides, some people enjoy them.

    3. now that’s a good advice

      @Wolfmilf: Why? He’s right, pushing Michal to keep on working :)

    4. Schneller schneller! Arbeiten! Ich muss mein ego-shooter haben um die n00bz zu pwnen!

    5. I like how this conflicts with Postulate #2.

    6. “Besides, some people enjoy them.”
      i bet that u’re enjoying yourself quite often

    7. @Wolfmilf Nothing wrong with that.

      Besides, look at your name.

    8. Computer can do everything a human can do. You just need to write the software. (and get special hardware/robotics for physical activities)

    9. “Computer can do everything a human can do.”

      You wish.

    10. does not conflict with number 2 has the computer cant really invent anything for you….

      Keep up the good work michal ! If you really transform everything you showed us into gameplay this game is gonna be the bomb !

    11. niko šveikovsky

      “Computer can do everything a human can do.”

      More accurately, “A human can do everything a computer can do.”

      Michal, this was a bad postulate. If you are capable of doing something, then why not do it? Why be lazy? I understand that a more efficient and automated algorithm is a better idea than a process that requires human input, but this is not necessarily the same thing as a computer doing the work for you.

    12. Of course a human can do what a computer can do: counting large equations for fractals will just take a couple thousand years, why be lazy? In the context of games: I can of course make Link-Dead using Lego and a careful arrangement of strings and bb guns. But why? A computer was invented to do things for you. EVERYTHING, think about that. Think of every aspect of a game, and why not make the computer do that for you. (and fuck any aspect of art and human touch).


      Yeah , Michal is probably starting to be pragmatic and practical

    14. revised ETA for link-dead: Q3 2017

    15. Спасибо. было познавательно.

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