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    October 20th 2011

    New engine part 1

    I need to clear my mind about some things and ask my long time readers for some opinions.
    You might have read the latest post on the King Arthur’s Gold blog. It’s called Adventures, Overworlds and the Full Version. If you have been following this devlog then you’ll see that there is nothing new there. I’ve talked about these ideas here and here.

    Why didn’t I do that with Link-Dead?

    Because I was struggling with a solid foundation. This time, with KAG, I have a solid foundation and can build upon it.

    Or can I?
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    October 3rd 2011

    Interview on and

    There’s an interview up on and with me with the glorious title:
    “Soldat’s Marcinkowski On Why Alpha Funding Will Save The Games Industry” :D.