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    November 4th 2011

    If Quake was done today

    The “Hint: Shoot enemy to kill them” isn’t even funny because in Day of Defeat: Source there is the exact same hint.

    March 15th 2010

    Prediction about video games in the future: the core gameplay concepts invented over 20 years ago will be exactly the same in a 100 years because technology can grow and graphics will be better but the human mind will be always the same and its capacity is constant. It can only take as much as it takes now.

    December 18th 2007


    I made this blog mainly because there was nothing for me to read on other game developers blogs. I felt people are missing the bigger picture of things. They don’t write about what is important to them. So according to my ongoing philosophy – if you can’t find it, do it yourself – I made my own blog so I can read what I like.

    Fortunately I made a new discovery. It is Metanet’s blog (the folks behind N) – 
    I can wholeheartedly recommend it. There isn’t much of it (I read the whole thing in one go) but there’s a lot of value in it. Like their view on casual games, I could write that stuff myself.

    So that’s all, I’m just sharing the wealth cause I’m happy some people share my reality. It’s not only me that has crazy ideas like: games should be made for fun.

    November 8th 2007


    Need for Speed was the only EA game that I liked recently, until now. I played the latest installment of the series and I’m a bit shocked. The question I would like to ask here, is why is there a promotion of stupidity in the mainstream games?
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    July 30th 2007

    The best thing about recent games

    Game trailers.

    They are cool and fun to watch. I was watching a trailer for Call of Duty 4 the other day. The cinematics are nice, the music is decent, the graphics are excellent, some ragdoll effects etc…

    …but when you actually download a demo of the game, it’s all the same crap.

    • You walk straight and you shoot bad guys.
    • You want to go right, you can’t because the map makers didn’t forecast this.
    • You go back to the “designers” path, you spot a civilian, you kill him.
    • The game ends cause you’re not “supposed” to kill civilians (when in fact it is just lazyness of the developers cause they don’t know how to handle the plot if you kill an important character)
    • I press alt+f4 and then shift+delete on the game folder
    July 24th 2007

    Prelude to Soldat clones

    Why isn’t there any (decent) Soldat clone out there?

    I have been waiting for a long time now. Soldat  is 5 years old. During this time no game has come to take place of the number 1 side-view multiplayer action game. To be honest I am very dissapointed. There are similar games and some that might be considered direct Soldat clones. I want to list all of them in a future article, this is just a prelude to what I want to write about. I’m asking for a little help. If you know any game that you might consider a Soldat clone please post the link in the comments. read more »

    July 4th 2007

    What the game industry needs

    Some fucking controversy.

    That’s what it needs. It is just boring as hell as it is now. All the controversy in the entire history of gaming is either caused by blood and gore or by big tits (the latter happened only once and stopped being interesting after people realized they were fake). Blood and gore is not controversial anymore since Doom. I think we have seen everything since then. Decapitated bodies, guts falling out of the belly, spiked heads, eating blood for health (Wolf3d), chainsaws, synthesized death screams. Now as you see, as cool as it is, it is a very limited area. There isn’t much you can invent more (well I have a couple ideas), just play some recent games like Manhunt. I mean there is nothing wrong with games like that, they are awesome, but they became boring. Gore is not interesting anymore. So what kind of controversy do I want?

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