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    December 31st 2009

    Link-Dead Technology Test release

    Link-Dead technology test is finally here on time and I welcome all to participate in testing. I want to test mainly video compatibility. Detect what doesn’t work or shows incorrectly and performance on other peoples computers. So when the proper release is here we can all enjoy it without glitches. Besides that if all works you can test playing a gostek in Link-Dead. I made a special climbing map just for this test. Try to get across the whole map and collect all red glowing artifacts.screen09-12-31-12-03-22 read more »

    December 30th 2009


    December 30th 2009

    Bug report now includes game version & system information:

    December 30th 2009

    Had 2 beta testers play Link-Dead today (11 and 14 yrs old). I must confess I feel better now, the game is worth it just with the climbing. And both agree wow this looks much better than Soldat :p. The controls seem to be easy to learn. I was worried about that (there’s a faster learning curve than Soldat it seems). With no enemies to kill the testing ended with a Soldat LAN deathmatch. I got reminded once again just how much fun Soldat is. An interesing fact is that Soldat was designed by me mainly as a LAN game. I never thought it would become an internet success with clans, leagues and tournaments. This whole internet movement just happened and I really don’t understand it. Sure I promoted it but never got into it. The power of Soldat lies in games played with your friends or siblings. You haven’t tasted Soldat until you’ve played it on LAN, it’s 10x the game. With all that I am now even more convinced that I cannot top Soldat in terms of fun and I can do only something completely different. Design a game to be played mainly over the internet that will be enjoyable on a whole new level.

    December 29th 2009

    Can you eat yourself? Not only a philosophical question. One of the hardest things in programming is an object destroying itself. Such as a GUI menu which processes its exit button. How do you do it cleanly.

    December 29th 2009

    I feel a bit bad about the test deadline. I’ll make it but the problem is I won’t have time to introduce things that’ll make it fun to play.

    December 28th 2009

    Big updates. Switched to Irrlicht 1.6. Maps can be now loaded from cache (faster loading) + speed optimizations. Added slow silent movements

    December 28th 2009

    Made a cool bug reporting system. Just press F5 describe it & the game sends a screen to TwitPic were I can look at it.

    December 25th 2009


    December 23rd 2009

    Productive day yesterday. Too bad the holidays are coming. Fortunately I’ve got a lot done and more. The release looks promising.