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  • Written by . Posted at 4:52 am on December 25th, 2009


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    1. it will be hard to get that deadline after the tasks you need to do now are more complicated…

    2. Deadline won’t slip.

      1) Get rid of anything which would distract you(Internet, phone, ..)
      2) Open the media player. Search for some heavy metal. Play it louder than hell.
      3) Start working,

      It’s the only way and it’s the real way of getting things done. Try it yourself.

    3. If it is exactly the right sort of music for me, it encourages me to work a little harder and longer. I can’t listen to it and work at the same time though, but it creates a good atmosphere.

    4. Merry Christmas MM! Or Winter Solstice, or whatever you prefer.

    5. Freemind is awesome.

    6. link-dead

    7. True Clawbug.
      Just one note, playing music isn’t good when the task requires thinking. If you’ve got everything planned out and its only mechanical coding or its making animations, drawing then ok.

    8. Closer and closer! Only 4 days left!

      Keep in mind that if you fail, all of us here will mock you and make fun of you for ever.

    9. Only 3 days until you release it to me.

      GMT +12 ftw.

      I wish anyway

    10. Pro 6:29 odp.: Jsem volič CSSD, ale zklamu vás, nebudu zde šířit nenávist. Mám jen malou otázku: Jak získá Topolanek vÄ›tÅ¡inu ve snvo›mÄnÄ›?

    11. Essays like this are so important to broadening people’s horizons.

    12. annegb,I’m just saying that if the husband feels so strongly about the abortion that it would lead to a divorce, how and who tells the Bishop is barely incidental. (That is without discussing the morality of abortion at all).And anyone, for whom the argument about whether or not the Bishop finds out and how he comes to that knowledge, has spent a little too much time stewing in the faux intellectualism that is rampant amongst the self appointed mediators of rightness that proliferate in the echo chamber that we call “the bloggernacle.”

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