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    September 28th 2007

    Living by your heart

    I did not know what this means for a long time. I will try to explain to you this little phenomenon cause I have come to understand it a little. You may take this or leave it, or you can read it if you’re curious why certain people live the way they live. This concept has been exploited much by pop culture to a point where it seems funny. I also thought like that but no longer, I am completely serious about this topic.

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    September 24th 2007

    link-dead concept art

    I got some concept art for link-dead to share. This was done a while ago by an amazing artist called Luc.
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    September 21st 2007

    Official announcement : link-dead


    Official news. Please feel free to copy and announce it everywhere you want this to be heard about: your blog, a news page, CNN…
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    September 16th 2007

    Conversations with Satoru Iwata part 2

    Itoi: Mr. Miyamoto said that an idea is “something which solves multiple issues”, and you mentioned that it opened your eyes to a new way of thinking. However, as a programmer, I’m sure you have solved problems in the same way?

    Iwata: Actually, yes. Fixing a bug in a program often solves many problems, or visa versa.

    MM: This has actually two sides because fixing a bug may produce more bugs.  We can see this in Soldat were with each new version when I fix something there happen new bugs which are a result of the fix!  This is sort of an irony which we should find a way out of. One way out of it is to change our thinking because the way we think makes these problems.

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    September 12th 2007

    Conversations with Satoru Iwata

    These are transcripts from conversations with Nintendo’s boss Satoru Iwata. I find the philosophy behind them very true and I want to share it, especially with you software developers out there. You can find the original here. I present you a version here with my commentaries.
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    September 9th 2007

    Arnold classics: Terminator 3

    terminator3.jpg Once again I present you an Arnold movie which kicks ass – “Terminator 3 Rise of the machines”. This movie became an instant classic the minute it had its premier. Because this movie is so great I collected a bunch of real facts and trivia that only I know about. You won’t find this anywhere else so check it out.
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    September 7th 2007

    The tightrope walker ringmaster part 3

    Nowadays I feel inspired all the time. Would you like that? It’s a truly magnificent state of being. This is not because I was born like this or I have some magical character trait, I wasn’t like this before, I have actually made myself to be this way and because I know how I did it I really want to share it with you. There is so much to it and we have to start somewhere.

    To recap part 2 – the three traditional Ways are ways of gaining control and integrating the ancient circuits inside of your brain (I’ll discuss these circuits in this article). It’s like bugfixing old software. This is probably why consciousness itself evolved, to gain control and bugfix. This is the only way nature could improve this species. The problem is it doesn’t happen by itself, it is actually YOU that must do this!

    So if you’re ready to see the world through my lense, let go of your skepticism, there is no place for that in my bandwagon. All I ask of you is to think about this and most importantly observe this stuff in action!

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    September 4th 2007

    New map format – collision

    I got the new collision system working for my new game. Here are a few new screenshots and an explanation how it will work.
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    September 2nd 2007

    The tightrope walker ringmaster part 2

    Welcome and read on. As I mentioned you need to evolve, progress has to be made. Either in your personal development or in the value or creation you put into life. If you don’t want to do that you’re making yourself harm because you can’t stay in place in this world. There is no permanence so you must go backwards which leads to pain. First let’s learn about something that might be a bit new to you.

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