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    Written by . Posted at 5:29 pm on September 24th, 2007

    I got some concept art for link-dead to share. This was done a while ago by an amazing artist called Luc.

    These are sketches from what the game would actually look like and sketches of some of the machines you would get to control. G&H stands for Grunts & Hackers, I used that name in the early phases of the project.






    If you want to see more art by Luc check his homepage. In some of the pictures you can see he’s a fan of Another World just like me.

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    1. this is amazing! πŸ˜€

    2. Oh my frog. That looks pretty hot ;O

    3. 2 words… awesome!
      lol πŸ˜›

    4. woah it rules.
      the third looks like this halo 2d game 😑 but still rox.^^

    5. Cool I think That look is really good and the game concept to like the robots

      note: better then what I did for one of my little game πŸ˜‰

    6. SpiltCoffee

      If that’s what the game looks like… man, that’s gonna be cool.

    7. Sketchy style graphics would actually be cool in a finished game and it is a great idea. Or did I get you wrong and it only is a concept art as a reference for the artist to do it in a more polished manner?

    8. Dude that looks great. Your ideas are great.

    9. CHAINSAW MECHA!!!! MM I LOVE U!!!!!

      looks absolutely wonderful =]

    10. blackdevil0742

      Woa! The concept art looks, and it gives a nice picture of how the game might look and feel.

    11. Looks like FlashMX imports….

    12. mystery man


    13. Gj

      Yeah! it’s realy cool.

      Mecha chainsaw :-)

    14. The robots are going to be remotly controlled or mecha/gear like when character sits in it?
      The walker on first image is uber-cool!

    15. I would like to see some game sprites.

    16. nice

    17. you said that its gona be out in sep πŸ˜›

      oh well who cares ur game is gona be awesome anywayz

    18. He didn’t say it’d be out in Sept. He said there’d be info about in in Sept, and Lo and Behold, info there is!

    19. thanks guys it’s very rewarding. wooo pressure πŸ˜›

    20. Eh… I hope link-dead doesn’t look like that… i picture it link-dead like Soldat but different animations and all that other stuff. like on huge modded Soldat but everything is modded. Still plays and kinda looks like Soldat but whole new tactical gameplay.

    21. I will only use a pilot ballpoint 0.4 and one pixel brushes for the final rendering πŸ˜‰

    22. SpiltCoffee

      luc: Sounds good :S

      You’ve got a nice style. I just hope that we, as players, will be able to determine between the player and the ground. πŸ˜›

    23. Guys, have you forgotten the meaning of the words ‘concept art’, these pictures are not necessarily what the graphics in the game are going to look like, its just to give you an idea of what it will be like.

      It looks like its going to be great.

    24. Chaos Theory

      Honestly, if the ingame models looked like that in the final product, I’d be super thrilled. I think it would give it such a unique visual style to have vehicles that looked like the first and second pictures.

    25. >>I will only use a pilot ballpoint 0.4 and one pixel brushes for the final >>rendering πŸ˜‰

      Does it mean you’ll also create actual graphics for the game? It would be great since your work looks amazing.

    26. I hope that the game caracter “that will be in game not concept art” will be a little bigger then in soldat but that’s only my opinion and it’s to MM to choose what he want

    27. Is this going to be 3D? Or do the concept sketches just look like that so you can see the detail of the units?

    28. It’s gonna be 2D

    29. Thunderpantz


    30. Nice artworks, hoping to see some game-screens soon.

    31. Thunderpantz:
      Not just hot, but HAAWT!

    32. :)MoNkEy(:

      Nice art! If i draw some pics like that can i post them somewhere? I love to draw, and i would feel really great if i could help u guys with the concepts.
      Altough i never took part in any game making, i did a few graffitis πŸ˜›

    33. hey MM, ive been checking out your project it looks very good.. ive always dreamed of a 2D shooter massive multiplayer, similar to Maple story but with more of a grudgy soldat feel :O

      anyways keep up the good work!

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