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    January 30th 2010

    Video of bots playing Artifact Collecting gamemode. Demonstrates fast path-finding, AI decision making & combat.

    I won’t be releasing this tomorrow cause there’s a lot of collision bugs which I need to remove and I definitely need to make a new more fun map.

    January 30th 2010

    Today I can officially say I’m working on LD gameplay. I opened a 2 year old file called rules.cpp which defines the gameplay mode rules.

    January 29th 2010

    I decided to use a hybrid method. Cached paths aren’t flexible. The bot will calculate paths in his closest area. Farther he’ll use cache.

    January 27th 2010

    Excercising caching today. The pathfinding speed proves not to be satisfactory. I’m precalculating the routes and storing them in memory.

    January 26th 2010

    First ever LD deathmatch MM (Mieciu) vs. Bot (Unnamed player) scoreboard

    January 26th 2010

    My bot mercilessly finds the player and then shoots the pistol 25 times a second. I need to dumb him down to appear more human.

    January 25th 2010

    Started work again. Path-finding works but there’s more. Had to sit down and really rethink how the nuts & bolts of the bot brain will work.

    January 19th 2010

    Having a couple days off to sort out my life. Been working non-stop since xmas. Planning to have a deathmatch bot for everyone to play by the end of the month.

    January 16th 2010

    LDAP fixed

    Hey, FliesLikeABrick here. LDAP logins on this site should now be fixed. E-mail me at if you still have problems.

    If you were already registered on here and happened to have the same username as your SF(LDAP) account, the accounts will remain separate. However, if you try logging in with your SF username to this site for the first time now, it will work and you’ll then have an account on here which uses your LDAP credentials.

    January 14th 2010

    LD Terminator bot chase – This was the hardest video I’ve done. It’s really hard to escape this evil bastard.