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  • Written by . Posted at 1:38 pm on January 30th, 2010

    Video of bots playing Artifact Collecting gamemode. Demonstrates fast path-finding, AI decision making & combat.

    I won’t be releasing this tomorrow cause there’s a lot of collision bugs which I need to remove and I definitely need to make a new more fun map.

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    1. cool

    2. Underline

      Wasn’t collision bugs eliminated when you choose to use another map format?


    3. Are the AI supposed to see and notice things going on behind them? At the 1:00 mark it seems the guy in mid air does a 180´and shoots first, though they might just have super reflexes right now :)

    4. niko šveikovsky

      why aren’t the bots shooting at each other on flights of stairs?

      also: there’s a feature in the “ScriptedPawn” class of the unreal engine called “RefireRate.” It’s the probability (between 0 and 1) that the bot will fire again after it has fired. this makes the bot shoot at where its enemy most recently was if the enemy goes out of view. sometimes the bot will fire at the spot for a while, because RefireRate will trigger it’s attack several times in a row. usually it doesn’t fire that many shots after its enemy has hidden behind something, but if there are more bots firing at one enemy the RefireRate will cause the group as a whole to fire tons of shots, which feels more realistic. i’ll attach a video soon.

    5. Will we see ragdoll physics?

      I like how they don’t explode like in soldat, also they really seemed to not like it when the artifact got collected, they just froze up. Maybe make them hunt eachother for the second it takes for the artifact to appear, this would mean that although it’d be rare for them to actually kill eachother, they’d do something whilst the artifact refreshes.

    6. Is it possible to choose IF the bodies disappear or how long they remain visible? It would be cool if you could turn them into static objects that will just remain there during the game.

      And if they HAVE TO dissapear, then at least not so spontaneous. Instead, it should take 10 seconds or so for them to slowly sink into the ground or dezintegrate (maybe with a cool animation of dust flying from the body?).

    7. yeah change them into dust..

      anyways this doesn’t look good: it’s super mechanical. path finding isn’t so good(they seem to “think” for a while), they have super reflexes and can only go to certain points (no artifact? freeze motherfucker..) also 22 fps? pff

    8. They do not ‘think’ that long. They move almost immediately once MM places artifact. Super rexfles is a kind of bug but can be removed easily, I think… 22 fps probably because of that MM wanted to record smoother movie.

      By the way, may I ask you about something? Why not to use those artifacts as a way of destiny point for bots? Let the artifact be invisible and spawn it somewhere around the map (totally randomly). Each artifact would be specialized for only one bot (so two of them wouldn’t follow to the same point). You could also add something like an “overriding artifact” which would spawn somewhere where the bot heard a noise (someone falling from the platform, shooting). That would remove previously planned path and move our smart bot to the germ of fight. Of course everything I’ve written here would work great only in deathmatch mode but hell… that is what we want know!

    9. what we want now* (may the ‘Edit’ be with us!)

    10. Makron666

      When they die, their skin should rot off and then disapear, and their bones should eventually turn to dust, soft of like a time lapse corpse, which you can watch while you wait to respawn. That would be awesome.

    11. I don’t want the DM mode.
      MM should make up his mind if he wants to make a Shooter or an RTS.

    12. Changing them into dust would be great.

      What a complex AI Decision! 😀

    13. SplinterSnake

      I think what the bot decided to do from 1:12 and on was great.

    14. @curious: I don’t think this game should be a choice of either. Soldat is already the shooter game and making this a true sidescrolling RTS would make it look like Cortex Command in a way. I think that might be bad as well, even though I can imagine it might still be very different in gameplay and mechanics… but yeah, I think it matters to keep LD as original / innovative as possible.

      But… I’m pretty sure nothing is set in stone just yet.

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