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    January 29th 2008

    Don’t think

    As usual I woke up today, a Manowar tune came playing in my head, I went and ate some meat for breakfast and sat down to my computer to do some work. Before that I wanted to do a little weight training (with push-ups, pull-ups). But I didn’t do that and sat in front of the monitor in hope that I’ll do something else. A couple minutes past and I noticed that I’m just sitting there. Sure I was browsing, reading something, but was that something that I really wanted to be doing at that moment? Hell no!
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    January 27th 2008

    Everyone is awesome

    In my article Why your next 3D MMORPG will fail I wrote that everyone is average. Although I meant the same thing, ‘average’ has a negative connotation so it might be wrongly interpreted. Let me restate that:

    Everyone is awesome!

    In my previous post On arrogance (this is the second part) I wrote about how every human being places himself in a social hierarchy (or pecking order). Which results in him feeling better or worse than other people.

    I am not arrogant because of the simple reason that I do not feel better than anyone. I just feel great about myself, without the need to compare that to anything. Why do I feel great about myself?

    Why would you need a REASON to feel good or bad about yourself? If you’re thinking like this, it is exactly the pecking order in work. If you’re seeking reasons for validating yourself, you’re actually comparing yourself to some person or an ideal and feeling accordingly. You’re placing yourself on a social hierarchy (that you have made up by yourself, as I explained).

    I am standing apart from that. There is no need to justify my well-being and thinking of myself as awesome. I just am. And so are you. If you realize it or not.

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    January 24th 2008

    Paper walls

    Decide what you want and go get it.
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    January 21st 2008

    Berserker first preview!

    Berserker is the new 2D fighting game made by Michal Marcinkowski and the Transhuman Design. It is set in an abandoned prison filled with mentally retarded psychopaths. Their only purpose is to kill… hmm yeah that’s it. But doing so will require skills in fighting and cleverness in using various map objects such as bricks and doors.

    I made a video because the basic fighting with bots is ready, so the game is playable! This is an early version so don’t bitch if you find any bugs and glitches in the video. There’s still a lot to be done, nevertheless I see that the game will make an impact. It will kick your ass. Watch for yourself (the hand thing is the mouse cursor).

    Music: Dark Avenger by Manowar

    January 19th 2008

    On arrogance

    I need to write about this cause it’s beginning to make me sick. So many people live their entire lives with the fear of what others will think about them. This is so deeply wrong and perverse that even Berserker is a child’s game confronted with this idea.

    The only way to get rid of it is to realize that it is bullshit. You are thinking bullshit yourself and you are thinking that other people think something else than bullshit.

    This is the same as the fear of being percieved as arrogant. People won’t step out of their comfort zones and go after the thing they want because of the belief that you shouldn’t be overly confident or arrogant. “People that say and do what they want are dicks and assholes. I don’t want to be like that, I want to be good and accepted. I will forget about my dreams and desires only to be accepted and loved by EVERYONE. If a random douche on the internet calls me a ‘bastard’ I will cry myself to bed for a week. I don’t want that pain, I will never reach out, say what I feel and do what I want. Being an asshole is bad and I will never become one. I’d rather die having a miserable life than be called an ‘asshole’ by ‘random douche on internet #37′.”

    Lately the common theme for some people is to call me and Sigvatr arrogant or assholes. I know where it comes from. I write that my games are best and I will conquer everybody that doesn’t agree. Of course this is what I write and it is arrogant, but I myself am not actually arrogant! I am nowhere near it. So what am I? I’m writing this blog so it holds as a reference point, for anyone that wants to discuss assholeness with me.

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    January 17th 2008

    IndieGames interview

    A new interview with me and Sigvatr is available on IndieGames here.

    It’s about our upcoming games Link-dead, Berserker and a couple other random facts. There are also some never before seen graphics from Berserker so check it out.

    January 14th 2008

    Raw Deal

    They need an undercover agent to infiltrate the Chicago mafia. Who’s the best man for the job?


    Of course a 260lbs bodybuilder with an accent and an obvious cigar smoking habit.
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    January 10th 2008

    Rambo IV

    There is a problem with today’s culture, do you see it?

    We are no longer the target of mass culture and entertainment. Feminism has secretly destroyed what is most precious to us and what has real meaning. It was secretly destroyed, that’s why you have to learn to see it. It will be good if you remember how things were, in the 20th century, it will help (I feel so old writing this haha).

    There is not enough manliness. And it’s fucking awful.

    I’m going to head in a new direction with this blog to show the world that we once had and show how it is escaping from us. It will be gone before we turn our heads to realize what happened.


    There is only one hope. In individuals who lead us. Let Odin bless Sylvester Stallone and what he gives us – a new Rambo movie this season! First Rocky now Rambo? We are not worthy!!!

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    January 4th 2008

    Surviving 2008

    I just realized I have a crazy amount of work to get done this year, especially this month. Not just the games I announced but my other personal projects and activities. The funny thing is 99% of it is stuff I don’t really need to get done. I just want to do it. If you ever wanted to do something you didn’t have to do, you know how hard it is to accomplish it. I’ve been studying this subject all my life and figuring out techniques and methods of accomplishing my goals. One of the most important things to do is have a system of work and having it written down. And even better than having a written down system of work is having it written in some public place for all to read. When others evaluate you and know about your plans suddenly they become much higher priority.

    This is a chance to see what’s in my kitchen. If you don’t like abstract writing about doing things here’s a concrete list of tips and techniques I developed during my life which will help me survive 2008. read more »

    January 2nd 2008

    Official announcment: Berserker

    Odin has once again blessed us. He said why make 1 awesome game when you can do 2! Yes! We shall not betray our fans and give them even more ass kicking!! – we shouted as he sent the berseker rage down to us which filled our hearts with anger and pure power capable of destroying worlds and slaying even the toughest enemies!


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