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    Written by . Posted at 7:16 am on January 17th, 2008

    A new interview with me and Sigvatr is available on IndieGames here.

    It’s about our upcoming games Link-dead, Berserker and a couple other random facts. There are also some never before seen graphics from Berserker so check it out.

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    1. Interesting to get to know more about you πŸ˜€

    2. “Sig: We don’t wait for good games to come out, we make them.”

      Fuck yeah.

    3. Great Michal in Poland, make Berserker kill my anger.
      Let the guts and intestines of my enemies fall to the ground when I shall pour bullets into their stomach.
      Let me be able to rip their heart out with my fist and eat it.
      Please let me rip an arm or a leg of the enemy and use it as a melee weapon against him and others, as others will use against me.
      Let me be able to throw limbs and cause damage. Let blood flow.
      Let me be able to rip heads off and play football with them.

    4. Your wish is my command.

    5. lol, sig never shower XD
      no offence, I dont wash either XD

    6. MM: Based on the way your write, I’d assumed that you looked like Spock from startrek irl. I was a bit off. lololol

      good interview

    7. That just got me more excited for berserker.

      I always thought sig was from poland as well.

    8. You guys are wonderful πŸ˜€

    9. Nice interview. Mike, you need to get girlfriend.

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      you can have my boyfriend

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      boyfriends are for the hetros

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      hetros are for the gays

    13. Imposter (Michal)

      You obviously drink your coffee with lots of sugar in the morning and promote your body with more physically activite than mental. Have you not read my post ‘Surviving 2008’? Well, you should; This is how you should all be: like me. As I am so great, you should all be like me. Although if you are, you’d still be inferior because you’d not have the brains to figure it out for yourselves. The world is like a never ending spiral, swirling out beyond our imaginations. (erm, actually every spiral we know of ends, within our reasoning. Infinity is the host of our limitations.). Be your fucking selves men, be men! Be individual. Be sparse. Build your fucking integrity!

    14. I meant what I said as in you need someone to share your sexiness with other than your computer.

    15. “According to the Aztecs, the world is going to end soon, so they might not even come out at all.” Nie Aztekowie, tylko Majowie. Swiat sie nie skonczy, zacznie sie nowe milenium (a wlasciwie b’ak’tun) – reszta sie zgadza πŸ˜€

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