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    June 30th 2009

    Listen to Arnold! I’ve been doing this for hours daily for years since I started making games.

    June 29th 2009

    Working for a couple hours on the new LD netcode. Got it working so its almost done.

    June 28th 2009

    Soldat with Eye-Tracker? Watch

    June 27th 2009

    Number 1 rule if you want to ship your game. DO NOT WRITE CODE THAT ISN’T USEFUL RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. I’ve made this sin and now I regret.

    June 27th 2009

    I’m rewriting the network code. This time using enet with the Q3 net model in mind from scratch. Raknet had too much useless features.

    June 25th 2009

    A video I made with the death metal band Canine Corpse and their new single “Growling upon human bones” :

    June 23rd 2009

    Ledge climbing 2

    This video was quite popular so I decided to make another one. This time there is added stairs and platform climbing on a randomly generated tower map. The reason there is all this climbing is because the maps will be partially destructed so there will be places without easy paths (think Terminator Future Shock). Without jetpacks to move around this is the only way. I’m also considering rappeling and other tricks which will make this game amazing and unique.
    (as before in this video there are placeholder animations and graphics made in 10 minutes)

    June 22nd 2009

    Here is a sample of a randomly generated destroyed tower map for Link-Dead. We’ll see if I can come up with something more. tower

    June 22nd 2009

    Rambo 5

    I dreamed last night that I was watching Rambo 5. The plot was something like – a military base in a small snowy town in US had rebelled and held hostage civilians, so Rambo had to go in and rescue them. After getting weapons he sneaked into the base discovering that the story isn’t so simple. It happened that there were aliens behind the military guys (they had space ships similar to the Vortigaunt ships from Half-Life). When it became dark it was revealed what the aliens were upto. They were making an alternative electric energy source to lit up the entire city (Las Vegas style). Then Rambo went inside a canteen were there was music playing. Inside there was a waiter looking like Graham Chapman from Monty Python. He started singing and quickly the entire place filled with Chapman heads (including the waiters tray), all of them singing in different voices forming a massive choir. This converted then to a full scale Monty Python sketch including singing and farting vegetables with background DVD commentary by Michael Palin. I thought (while still dreaming) I had to write this down. And I did.

    June 19th 2009

    I thought it would be a cool idea to work on a tower generator, to make something like this: