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  • Written by . Posted at 2:02 pm on June 27th, 2009

    Number 1 rule if you want to ship your game. DO NOT WRITE CODE THAT ISN’T USEFUL RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. I’ve made this sin and now I regret.

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    1. :)

    2. Anonymous

      What do you mean?

    3. guyguy001

      Just throwing this in there. Michal Jackson…

    4. Wrote too much code that was not useful…

    5. Maybe Michal had some ideas but wrote his code in an incomprehendable manner…

    6. Mikołaj

      MM have u seen Cortex Command ? I think guys just done what u trying to do. but I belive in your orginality and in hacker warz !!! 😀


      I have played Cortex Command a lot ,and I must say it’s very nice however , it is so un-optimized that their particle engine just totally fucks up your CPU and even if you have strong hardware the explosions slow up the gameplay so bad that its unbearable.
      But other than that great game , yeah Michal , take a look at Cortex Command and tell us what you think

    8. Oh that’s right. Why bother writing extra code? It’s not like Half-Life, 1 or 2, Unreal (pick one) or Quake (pick one) were written with a lot of redundant and seemingly useless code.

    9. Clawbug
    10. Get some people to do it for you. It’s not like you ever want to do boring things like porting to linux. :(

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