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    June 21st 2008

    The best is the enemy of possible

    Possible: is the alignment of physical reality and mental reality.

    The best: is an illusion of the imagination which can be destructive or creative.

    There is a VERY big difference here that actually separates the losers from winners. I see this clearly now – it is how you use that vision of what is best that distinguishes the genius from the mad man.

    I forgot for a while how important positive feedback is. The comments, forums and e-mails serve a purpose for me and I should use it. For example I got reminded how I made Soldat. It’s easy to forget but Soldat was crap a long time ago. It had potential, but it was non-playable buggy and laggy, extremely unbalanced and without any reasonable community. Soldat was released with just potential.

    I had no idea what I was doing and how long it would last. I was very insecure about the game back then, constantly thinking that I’m wasting time.
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    June 13th 2008

    Conversations with Satoru Iwata part 3


    Oh man I’m in love with this guy. I started reading these conversations again and decided to continue my commentaries.
    These are conversations with Nintendo’s boss Satoru Iwata, about his management philosophies and about Mr. Miyamato’s (Mario, Donkey Kong) game design philosophies which he studies frequently. 

    Part 1 about great ideas –

    Part 2 about looking over someone elses shoulder –

    Part 3 about a special perspective

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    June 2nd 2008

    How to never finish your project

    There’s a lot more to this but I don’t have time to write more. For now this list is enough and I hope it helps many people. Remember that if you direct your attention enough on anything for a long period of time it will happen. So here are a few things that I’ve learned during my years as a game developer. This is especially useful if you’re not really trying to do something of value, have a different agenda or simply fear success. Enjoy. read more »