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    November 6th 2012

    If you’re looking for me I’m really only posting on Facebook so subscribe to my feed or add me to friends if we ever talked:


    Also KAG development is heading full steam towards full version:

    August 9th 2011

    QoS emulator

    Remember me posting about a QoS emulator made for RakNet which I used to simulate high ping? Well I lost it in a disk format and now I can’t find it anywhere on the internet. Does anybody by chance have this piece of software?

    October 19th 2010

    My appreciation

    I would like to write from this point, my sincere appreciation for the product known as Visual Studio and send a big THANK YOU to Microsoft corporation for spending over 20 years constantly delivering a terrific product. I believe every other compiler and operating system exists there just to remind people how Microsoft’s products make life easier. This is something that the Linux and gcc community never really wrapped their heads around.

    Let me state it simply: COMPUTERS WERE INVENTED TO HELP MEN.
    Men are not there to help their computers.

    This is why Linux will always be in the undergrounds because of this totally opposite paradigm. The success of Microsoft and in recent years Apple is because peoples lives are better when using their products. I hope we can all learn this vital lesson and make life on earth a better place in the future in whatever venture we are engaged in.

    Again I’d like to thank Microsoft, also for the fact that their compilers are COMPLETELY FREE!!! I have no idea why anyone would even consider using anything else. What’s that? You can’t use them in commercial products? Sure, that’s why I bought my Microsoft compiler along with EVERY SINGLE Microsoft product and operating system for 100$. It’s called BizSpark and is one more reason why Microsoft totally rocks.

    August 1st 2010

    Everywhere I see or hear that you should state your plans publicly for a better succes rate. I found evidence quite contrary Looking back at my accomplishments they were always a secret.

    January 4th 2010

    Soldatforums login on blog

    You can now use your login information to register on this blog. Try it out.

    December 6th 2009

    I made a short animation about how I feel gameplay is like in modern games:

    DIGG IT!

    December 4th 2009

    This is the best website in the world. I visit it everyday checking if there are updates.

    November 27th 2009