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  • Soldatforums login on blog

    Written by . Posted at 9:06 am on January 4th, 2010

    You can now use your login information to register on this blog. Try it out.

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    1. Vectorious


      (Sorry, I don’t think it’s been done on here before.)

    2. it defenitly doesn’t work for me

    3. “invalid username” error keeps poping out.

    4. Ain’t working.

    5. Laser Guy

      Doesn’t work for me either.

    6. Weird works for me.

    7. maybe because you have the same username and password for both websites, mm?^^

    8. You can REGISTER here with your soldatforums info, not log in right away.

    9. And what kind of facilitation that would be? It’s kind of obvious I can use same username everywhere (as long as it’s not already occupied)

    10. *test*

    11. so what can i do when i’m registered?
      i can’t see any new features

    12. Laser Guy

      Yeah, what Rook said.

    13. I’ll double-check and make sure everything’s working, thanks for the feedback

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