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    April 30th 2010

    I’m happy to announce that pixel artist Victor Rojo has joined the Link-Dead team. You can see his previous works here and here

    April 29th 2010

    I regret blog-fasting cause there’s a lot going on. A nearly exact commercial Soldat clone was released this week. I gave a speech at TEDxWulkan (video will be available soon). The in-game map editor is half-way working and I’m working with a new pixel artist.

    April 22nd 2010

    I decided to make a break from blogging to clear out distractions and focus better on my duties. The blog-fasting will take 7 days.

    April 19th 2010

    I’m really excited about the in-game map editor. I’m discovering the potential I’ve built into map generating. It’s a Porsche engine waiting to be unleashed.

    April 16th 2010

    Request to Microsoft Visual Studio development team – BIG EASILY PRESSABLE CANCEL COMPILE BUTTON.

    April 16th 2010

    Got a flash of insight on how the LD map editor should look like: in-game WYSYWIG. The paint program map making will stay for quick sketches

    April 15th 2010

    I’m procrastinating on fixing the netcode. It’s like squats in bodybuilding, everybody hates doing it, but nothing else makes you grow more.

    April 13th 2010

    Ferdinand Porsche: “In the beginning I looked around and, not finding the automobile of my
    dreams, decided to build it myself.”

    April 12th 2010

    Link-Dead game element sketches

    A couple days ago there was no power for a few hours and I did this. It is as close as I can get to a design document. These documents show most of the stuff I plan for the alpha release in terms of team base-attack gamemode.

    Classes are based on the inventory you pick.
    Things may of course change.
    I’m not explaining the hacker game at this point, consider it a teaser.