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    Written by . Posted at 10:15 am on April 12th, 2010

    A couple days ago there was no power for a few hours and I did this. It is as close as I can get to a design document. These documents show most of the stuff I plan for the alpha release in terms of team base-attack gamemode.

    Classes are based on the inventory you pick.
    Things may of course change.
    I’m not explaining the hacker game at this point, consider it a teaser.

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    1. Nice.

      Idea: hack the alarm off so enemy thinks their base is clear when not ^^

    2. Good news, happy to see you havent dropped all that.

      I love the game mode where you must hold there base to stop theyre respawn.

      Also adding scout shall be fun to play… I really dont like the game movement as it is now but I guess its just because I’m more likely to play scout then heavy.

      Nice to see your keeping that hacker game too. This will make the game more original then most multiplayer shooter, originality is not the key but it certainly count as something for the marketing.

      Nyway keep it up men, Good luck with all that.

    3. Grappling hook? Like a batman shoot-hook or a Ducktails swinging-hook? It seems somewhat aged to me. Is there any other technique, a little closer to future, but not so redundant as jetpack that you could use to climb floors?

      Also, I am really anxious to see this hacker style game. I’d like to see some crazy /command typing.

    4. @woops: Shut up man! Grapling hook sounds fucking awesome! MM, allow to use the grapling hook not only to climb walls, but also to jump over huge gaps and stuff like that. Make it so we can swing on it, and maybe even be able to shoot our enemy with it and then hold him or pull him 😀 . Everything goes!

    5. But is this a traditional mp gametype or ‘strategy mode’ or both??
      PS:awesome use of grappling hook: Just Cause 2.

    6. mmankt: both.

      I was thinking of something like this: in an attachment form for placing on a gun.

    7. HexanValaris

      The mod from i speaking, i having some problem with replacing the original images of soldier, i will trying to fix it, also the red color didn’t work =/ (and i will trying to make better pixel art shading =))

      LINK to the img:

    8. Ok, so it’ll be used for detecting trip wires. I like the sound of that.

      @Tenshi: that’s what Liero is for.

    9. hexan did u make those sprites urself ?

    10. MM, are you planning to keep the mouse wheel zoom feature in the final game?

    11. uhg

    12. @woops: then you play liero when you want to use hooks, I wanna play LD.

    13. HexanValaris

      @TLD: yes, sprites was made by my self:)

    14. @Tenshi: are you even reading your own posts?

    15. Action requires knedeowgl, and now I can act!

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