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    November 28th 2007

    Conscious effort and the myth of will power

    R.A. Wilson once wrote an important question:



    OR BOTH?

    Now if you can’t answer this question in a snap of a second you’ve got a problem. If you can answer the question however you will know exactly how to DO things. My recent articles were written to give you a hint. I wrote them to make a grounding for this article.
    This article is a book worthy subject. It is about how to THINK and DO things properly.
    If you think about that, those are actually the only 2 things you do in your life. So this is about life.

    Let’s talk about something important and real now. Or what seems to be real but isn’t. Conscious effort. This is a long post but it is definitely worth reading, if you’re a freelancer, independent game maker or anyone creating work on your own, years of my own experience and wisdom right below here.
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    November 26th 2007

    New decal system of death

    Got something extra fantastic here. I thought about this a long time ago and finally got it implemented. This is a decal system. In the video you can see it working for bullet hits.
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    November 24th 2007

    Spontaneous musical creations

    I decided to get some of my music out of the closet. I never did anything with them because I make music for my own pleasure and fun. But now I’ve come to a point where I’m interested what other people think about it. The only place where you could find my music up until now was the old Soldat theme and (remember that?) and of course the complete soundtrack for R.

    You can find the music in this new section My Music, with descriptions and extended commentaries to music from R. Don’t expect to hear a specific style cause I experiment with everything. All the stuff there comes from the heart and I hope you like it.

    November 21st 2007

    Lessons from Joey

    I am always interested in looking behind the scenes. Why do some people kick ass and others are losers. I wonder if you can spot what makes Manowar such a great band. This is Joey De Maio, founder of the “loudest band on earth” having PA problems before a concert.

    This system has no what?

    By the way, anyone going to Magic Circle Festival next year?

    November 19th 2007

    Arrrrrrrrrr! Arrr!

    Here is my answer to to the game I wrote in the previous post “Arrrrrr!”. This is actually my whole philosophy of mind relation and productivity.

    Consciousness is the pirate monkey.


    That means YOU, the entity that is aware right now, is a little pet rhesus living on a pirate ship.

    The people that said you are the parrot, were also close, but knowing you are a pet monkey gives us more understanding of what is actually happening here and what you can do about it. What does this knowledge give us?
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    November 16th 2007


    In my recent post “It’s a joke” I wrote that YOU, or consciousness is not really in control of the body. That it is just an observer. You’re a person sitting in a cinema. As I expected this claim raised a lot of skepticism, but some people actually thought about this idea and I congratulate you, if you’re one of them. The thing is, we don’t know for sure if what I wrote is true or not, so it is perfectly healthy to consider that idea and not be blocked by your “ultimate knowing” of the way things are. Get out of your head. I actually don’t believe what I wrote. I was just fucking with y’all. I believe that you have control. What kind of control is the BIG question? We shall play a game here to find that out.
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    November 14th 2007

    Map format preview

    A lot of you guys are interested in the new map format, how will it look like. How will you make maps in link-dead? I explained how it will work in my previous posts, but now since it is pretty much done I can show you some real life examples.
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    November 12th 2007

    It’s a joke

    This might seem weird at first when you think about it but at the same time I can guess that it sounds very familiar. I suspect that in every human being there is this little doubt about their reality and a knowing of the truth. This truth is really bizarre so we get conditioned to repress it.
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    November 8th 2007


    Need for Speed was the only EA game that I liked recently, until now. I played the latest installment of the series and I’m a bit shocked. The question I would like to ask here, is why is there a promotion of stupidity in the mainstream games?
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    November 4th 2007

    link-dead concept art 3

    We’re creating a very exciting synergy here. Luc is doing an amazing job on the concepts. We’re pushing the game design to the limit. Take a look at these new concepts. Previously I showed you designs of characters from the military / hi-tek team as we call them for now. Here are characters from the opposing rebel team.

    This is a concept that has a feeling of a 70’s comic book.
    These guys are like punks in the future.


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