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    Written by . Posted at 11:59 am on November 4th, 2007

    We’re creating a very exciting synergy here. Luc is doing an amazing job on the concepts. We’re pushing the game design to the limit. Take a look at these new concepts. Previously I showed you designs of characters from the military / hi-tek team as we call them for now. Here are characters from the opposing rebel team.

    This is a concept that has a feeling of a 70’s comic book.
    These guys are like punks in the future.


    This is a heavy mutated dude on steroids. 
    He has to be this big to fight off giant enemy robots. 


    A punk engineer.
    They fight against the enemy military from the underground by sabotage.


    The hacker.
    He looks unconventional. But so is his role in the game. It will be something never before seen in a video game. He will be like a shaman travelling into a different world to gain knowledge about the enemy and gain control over him.



    More to come…

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    1. Sweet! I know what role I’m gonna play in link-dead – the hacker! ^^

    2. Awesome looking art.
      Hmm, what’s up with their faces? are they wearing gas masks or are they actual robots?

    3. I think im going to choose either the engineer or hacker lol

    4. SteamPunk and CyberPunk Ftw
      and long live MM xD lol
      looking forward to LINK DEAD \o/
      soldat rulez

    5. Nice scrap-suits of the rebels. The first (upper/brown) hacker is a lot better, than the lower black one.
      The first dude with blade looks like Lobo a little, don’t you think?

    6. So what do you do as a hacker, MM?

    7. Omg that looks awesome.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Man, I hope we don’t have 1242764 hackers and 347 soldiers.
      Love the concept art, looks really good. Especially done in that style

    9. Beautiful concept art. Looks amazing.

    10. Master Chief43

      Hm… If this is concept art… then i’m really looking forward to the character models or ‘Gosteks’. Hurry up will ya? 😀

    11. Привет! это нарисовано в такой манере)) просто кул) жду бета версии ))))


    12. Will each team have a specific range of weapons (beside the “abilities”)? What’s about the knife (or something similar [i wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important to me:)] )?

    13. …the good will always win. See ya blood in game rebelz!

    14. Bobsuruncle

      Wow… the concepts look great!
      By what you say in your posts, im expecting the hackers will travel through cyberspace. Did you get the idea from the Dystopia mod for HL2 by any chance?

    15. @Bob: probably more from Shadowrun.

    16. Wonderful art as usual from Luc.
      I love cyber-punk, so I will love this game for sure.
      However the tag logo should be improved in my humble opinion (like darker colors, as orange/red and black/dark grey or something).

    17. thanks a lot guys for the nice comments.
      Rook Simon Bisley rules !!
      GluLm yes,you’re right about the logo it’s just some quick typo to put the mood. Besides that there’s already a logo :)

    18. Master Chief43

      Hm… Link-Dead is starting to remind me of Shadowrun… I use to play it on the SNES and SEGA and has a new recent one for Windows Live and Xbox 360… Really fun and addicting game… In the future and about ‘Cyber Punks’ and futuristic 90s stuff…
      I don’t really like where this is going really because I thought this game was gonna be more of a Terminator tactical-action game with Robots vs Rebels… but… I was wrong after seeing the concept art… Concept art looks cool and all but after looking at it and observing it for a while… I realized… I don’t really like this game Concept… But hey… My mind will change… Depending on gameplay ofcourse… Still waiting…

      (Oh My God! ELEVATORS AND LADDERS AND DOORS! OH MY! Please say there’s gonna be LIMITED ammo… Please… I need all the realism I can handle…)

    19. that first 1 reminds me of Lobo from DC comics

    20. Love the engineer.

    21. Maybe limited ammunition will be a feature that can be checked on or off. That’d be pretty awesome. And I think MM’s general style of carnage will be apparent in Link-Dead (hopefully).

    22. Master Chief43

      Hopefully… It should right? If it’s a team based tactical shooter eh? It would be awesome if it was a feature that can be checked on or off.

    23. Hopefully vehicles are in there hm? At least we know robots are.. 😀

    24. Master Chief43

      Lets all hope vehicles are in Link-Dead…

    25. I hope not

    26. “I hope not”

      Oh great, more people mindlessly opposing vehicles just because they’ve been shot down so many times for Soldat. I mean, this is a new game; endless droning of that “It would ruin the simple feeling of Soldat!’ bullshit doesn’t really hold for much here.

      Unless of course you can think of a good reason not to have ’em. I for one haven’t seen any.

    27. …Then tell us why you would like to have vehicles.
      If there would be vehicles, all othe aspects of the game had to be re-thought. The maps would need to have been changed and that would dramatically change the game style i think. I prefer to think about each step the players makes, hiding in the shadow and slice you with my knife up!


      At least an aeroplane looks ok. But I bet, if there was vehicles in link-dead, it wouldn’t be a 19th century fighter jet.

    29. If there HAD to be vehicles in Link Dead, I would put in a sort of Mini-Mech. They would be the most versatile; rather than jeeps, tanks or helicopters.

    30. Master Chief43

      yv3 Says:

      …Then tell us why you would like to have vehicles.
      If there would be vehicles, all othe aspects of the game had to be re-thought. The maps would need to have been changed and that would dramatically change the game style i think. I prefer to think about each step the players makes, hiding in the shadow and slice you with my knife up!

      Um… We don’t really know anything about the maps… so you have no right… This game isn’t even done and your already thinking negative… STFU and wait for the beta and THEN you can report the “bad” things vehicles do to gameplay and all the bad shit you want to say about it.

      My Reason Why Vehicles Would Make Link-Dead Awesome:

      Another Day of Duty…

      -A teaming is patrolling an open grassland and hear something in the distance. A enemy T-Chopper! (Transportation Chopper) Team captain calls up the “Heavy Weapons” guy and rest of team hides in grass.

      Captain: Hold fire…
      Heavy Weapons: Roger…

      -Chopper flies past the team not knowing where they are. As the chopper flies above them the engine is more louder and clear and a shadow is casted on to the ground and passes the team swiftly.

      Captain: Aim… Fire.
      Heavy Weapon: Roger.

      -Heavy Weapon fires the RPG. Pilot of the chopper hears a beeping noise thats tells him there’s an incoming missile. Chopper pulls up and barely manages to dodge the missile. Chopper turns around.

      Captain: Sniper gives us covering fire. Gunner, if troops move in and fire, return the favor. Radioman, stay behind me and hold fire. Only fire when I’m down or on my signal.
      Team: Clear.

      -Three ropes drop from the chopper. Troops start to jump on to ropes.

      Sniper: Incoming troops. 3. Armed with AK-74s and Frag Grenades.
      Heavy Weapon: I got you covered.
      Captain: Radioman. Call in an air-strike. And request some reinforcements.
      Radioman: Roger.

      -Radioman calls in and gives coordinates.. Affirmative. Air-strike in 10 seconds. T-Chopper (Transportation Chopper) is being sent. Arrival Time: 30 seconds.
      -Enemy is moving in. Chopper has left the field. Sniper and Gunner ready their trigger finger. (BTW, the sniper is in a Camo Suit proned on a hill about 10 high and 10 feet away from team.) Ten seconds is up.

      Captain: Take cover and get out of the ASZ! (Air-strike Zone) Move! Move! Move!

      -Sound of the heavy engine of the Bomber is coming and casts a fast moving shadow across the field then the sound of bombs falling about 5 seconds until they hit ground. Enemy starts to spray and manages to hit the Radioman in the leg. Gunner and Sniper return fire. Enable to get up, Radioman fires at the enemy. Captain grabs the Radioman under his shoulders and starts to drag him out of the ASZ. Radioman still firing. Sniper manages to shoot a enemy troop in the leg and enemy troop falls to ground. Gunner is still firing. The Team gets down. Huge explosion and loud noises. Shellshock.

      -T-Chopper arrives and drops 4 Ally Troops and a Jeep. Captain and team searches the field for remaining ammo from enemy and Gunner.

      Captain: That T-Chopper went back to tell the rest of it’s battalion. Search for any weapons and ammo. There’s more to come…

      -To be continued…

    31. Master Chief43

      Or not…

    32. Anonymous

      or yes!!!!!

    33. Anonymous

      I concur.

    34. link-dead as opposed to Soldat is designed with vehicles in mind. They won’t be like cars because I still think it would look silly, but there will be mechs, robots and some sort of flying drones.

    35. Yeah, sort of multi-directional vehicles which don’t just go left and right.

    36. I think Apple Seed like gears would be better than Mechwarrior like mechs but anyways…

    37. Master Chief43

      uh… Then just think of Link-Dead as a 2D version of Battlefield 2143? (w/e the year is) I guess it will be kool… What am i thinking…
      OFCOURSE IT WILL! Hurry up will ya…

    38. yep vehicles whould be awesome, imagine a team of men stalking through the grass then a battlefield 2142 style airoplane comes and mows them all down only leaving 1 who’s injured then a dude in a mech suit come and finishes him off, but a second later 1 or 2 rockets fly across the battlefield followed by a rain of bullets as the mech trys to shoot em out of the sky then it blows the plane out of the sky, That would be awesome.

    39. Master Chief43

      Yes… exactly!
      -Vehicles are in Link-Dead!-

    40. Dude I hope the sprites end up a little more hi-res then the temp ones. It would really do these designs justice 😀

    41. Hacking this game will be fun

    42. Master Chief43

      Dude… You probably won’t be able to… MAybe in the first version but… I doubt you can play online with your “hacks”.

    43. Попытайтесь, пробуйте, и все у вас получится!

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