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    August 31st 2010

    I’m spending all day with the debugger killing network bugs, trying to make it as polished as I can for the alpha release. Btw. many have asked for this (QoS Emulator) – I use it for simulating latency and packet drops.

    August 27th 2010

    Today I made RCON commands. It works like in Quake, so you type /rcon [password] when on the server; then you type /rcon [console command] and it works as if you were on the server console physically.

    August 26th 2010

    Today I’m making taking stuff from dead soldiers and stealing items work over network. Having menus for this makes it all easy and possible. I also made quick picking, reloading and gun changing without the need to go into menu. Just tap the button quickly and the soldier decides himself what to pick.

    August 25th 2010

    I’ve really gotten fast at coding. I think it is a result of straining myself with the network code. After writing something terribly difficult everything else seems easy! Push yourself into new territories and you will get gains 10x for your efforts.

    August 25th 2010

    Bam! Done. At each reload or grenade throw you’ll pick which item you want to use via a pie menu or list (players preference set in options). This will be extremely useful when you have different clip types or grenades (normal nades, smoke nades etc.).

    August 25th 2010

    I need to rewrite part of the reload/change_weapon/throw_grenade code. Currently it doesn’t work well on the net. It doesn’t accomodate for the fact that you will be able to pick a specific clip/nade/weapon from your inventory.

    August 24th 2010

    Added attachment sprites for characters to make hanging hair, cloaks, jewelry etc. (like in Soldat).

    August 23rd 2010

    Made dedicated server work from the same exe as the game. It was relatively easy cause Irrlicht lib allows to run the game with no video driver. As you see I’m moving closer and closer to the alpha release.

    August 23rd 2010

    I have a problem with my laptop & GeForce 8800. When it’s hot it overheats while playing games. It’s hard to develop cause Link-Dead gives random errors, sometimes it doesn’t start or sometimes it starts but with 3FPS. Anything I can do about this other than moving to Norway?

    August 21st 2010


    Minecraft should be a huge inspiration for indie game developers. Look how simple it is to make a fun game and good cash from it. Just go to the website and see how shitty it looks like. The site has seamless textures as a background! When was the last time you saw that 1998? Look at the download page or the buying page (just a Paypal link). Everywhere is just random stuff written in a hurry. It reminds me of the first Soldat web pages. Then go play the game. It’s the simplest idea in the world. Building stuff out of cubes (Lego?). Then go again on the website and read on top: 602 servers, 380083 registered, 68753 purchases. Then tell me that you need a big website, money, promotion, nice company name, advanced payment processing, great graphics and other bullshit that you’re using – as an EXCUSE TO NOT JUST make a good game, like Minecraft.