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  • Written by . Posted at 3:41 am on August 26th, 2010

    Today I’m making taking stuff from dead soldiers and stealing items work over network. Having menus for this makes it all easy and possible. I also made quick picking, reloading and gun changing without the need to go into menu. Just tap the button quickly and the soldier decides himself what to pick.

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    1. i hope that this works the way that if I have a shotgun with standard ammo and used a medic kit and a grenade then if the fallen enemy had the same stuff in his equipment the moment he died, then i just press a button and i automatically have those? and if i want to take it manually i go into scavenge mode? 😉 would be cool if it all also involved animations so quick pick up is quickly getting down and up, looking in inventory is getting down and some loop of hand movement. would look awesome if your team mates just walked over bodies and you actually see them searching for shit and gold^^

    2. Anonymous Nuclear Reactor

      I loved looting corpses in Soldat. Having two primary weapons in your inventory = win. Kill an asshole with a M79, then become one yourself (while still having some kind of auto as backup).

    3. Underline

      i hope that the knife will work like in soldat =)

    4. Are sure the soldier would make the right decision between changing guns and reloading?

      What if you want to pick a lock quickly because your enemy is reloading, so you can make an escape, but instead the soldier reloads because your in the middle of a fire fight?

      Idk, but it sounds sketchy allowing the soldier to pick and choose when the player knows more on the battlefield than them.

    5. Dude. You are on fire!

    6. mmankt: I don’t understand fully, you want to pick all items with one button, but why when you had medikit?

      I loved looting corpses in Soldat. Having two primary weapons in your inventory = win.
      I love that too in Soldat so I decided to bring it 3 steps forward in LD. You can carry lots of guns with you. You can even fill your whole backpack with lots of handguns if you wish. But if you pick too much you will be too heavy to move.

      Marc: no, no. Right now there are five buttons for different categories:
      The items are auto-picked only in the category.

    7. Itachi_93

      MM: You can fill your Whole Even backpack with lots of handguns if you wish. Goal “too much if you pick you Will Be too heavy to move.

      It reminds me Fallout3.

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