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    May 30th 2009

    The new biped went on a high-class weight training program, ate a lot of whey and gained some mass. Here’s a pic

    May 30th 2009

    After a short break I’m back to work on the animation. I need to simplify the biped first.

    May 28th 2009

    Wall Street Journal is catching up on my business model why didn’t they mention me?;)

    May 27th 2009

    Good code looking good

    Tile Engine for Link-Dead is complete. It was one of the hardest things to accomplish code-wise. There are a couple things I did differently for this and I want to write it down. Also I want to share what I’ve learnt from making it.

    This is not a typical tile engine like in most sprite games. This is a tile engine with the tiles being prerendered and transformed into Box2D physics data for handling collisions. I’ve been programming this for a couple days for more than 6 hours each day (it’s amazing how much you can accomplish if you just sit and code).

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    May 27th 2009

    Btw. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes 3 days ago!

    May 26th 2009

    Current ideas

    Here are some things I have been thinking about lately for Link-Dead. Sigvatr, if he’s not fantasizing about Ed Gein, is probably too, but I don’t know for sure cause he doesn’t have teh internetz at the moment.
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    May 26th 2009

    Cave generator fun

    Just a simple gif:


    May 25th 2009

    I realized I can’t stream collision maps cause the server needs it all loaded at once. I’m researching how Box2D can handle a big world.

    May 25th 2009 seems like the games mainstream is catching up on heavy metal. Tim Schafer + Jack Black = reason to buy a PS3?

    May 22nd 2009

    Large map and cave generator test

    To test out the new tile engine I made a simple yet effective random cave generator. Here you can see a video of a physics-based character walking on a very large randomly generated map. The map size here is 13312×13312 pixels and was generated in about 23 seconds. The world size can be of course infinitely large (well as large as your hard drive). This is possible because I only stream the part of the map that is needed at the moment. On the video you can see that there is only part of the map visible at any given time. This is to show you how it works. New map parts are loaded when needed. Of course in the full game the loading won’t be visible at all.