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  • Written by . Posted at 7:35 pm on May 30th, 2009

    The new biped went on a high-class weight training program, ate a lot of whey and gained some mass. Here’s a pic

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    1. Makron666

      Thats alot more manly.

    2. The new one looks kinda like a robot.

    3. niko šveikovsky

      much better. anon is right, it does look very robotic. you’ll be able to animate it well enough to get rid of that look, yes?

    4. guyguy001

      together now…AAAAAH!

    5. Well robotic is good cause these guys will be wearing heavy armor.


      heavy armor being just some number and a texture


      comeon Michal , good work , let’s just ramp it up a bit , I might as well get a widescreen and hook up my computer with it to play link-dead on it , just make the f****** game already

    8. Underline

      why the fuck he have a butt?

    9. niko šveikovsky

      why the fuck do YOU have a butt?

      to poop with, of course.

    10. Yeah, that’s a special attack of the hacker’s: Sitting on a chair. All hackers do it, and they ALL have butts. Ask anybody.

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