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    February 28th 2008

    Tribute to Franko: the Crazy Revenge

    Alex and Franko were friends. They lived in the time when Poland had overthrown communism, when the country was starting to rebuild. These were times of chaos, brutal force had become dominant. Fate had placed them in the drug dealers capital – Szczecin. The streets of this city were not safe for the average man, so Franko and Alex had to train martial arts (to defend themselves and to impress the chicks). They liked walking around the city at night and sometimes that lead to rather unforgettable adventures. One night, Franko and Alex, in their wildest dreams would not expect what would happen. While walking down a dark alley they came across a group of bandits with their leader called KLOCEK (klotzek – means “block”, “chock”, “woodcut”). They fought well but could not stand a chance against these enemies. They were defeated. After some time Franko regained consciousness and saw laying beside him, the dead body of his friend. He promised revenge.
    For the next 5 years Franko trained in the local gym, growing his muscles. He trained kung fu and perfected his skills. He had one goal, one desire. It was revenge – to slay Klocek and his pack. Finally he did it, with no regards to his own life and the life of innocent bystanders he went out, it was time for vendetta. read more »

    February 18th 2008

    Blood decals!

    When the first preview of gameplay in Berserker came out some people complained there’s not enough blood. These people simply do not know me and don’t trust me at all. Anyway… I thought I would make something useful and make a how-to page on wall painting. I posted it on a respectful site and they liked it. Why wall painting and what does this have to do with blood? Well everything, check for yourself:

    How to Paint a Wall Mural

    February 13th 2008

    The theory of everything

    Hmmm…. now how do you go about writing something like this. It should be like the biggest and most complicated thing ever. But I would not write about it if that would be the case, here I am and that is because it is the simplest thing ever. Let me try to explain you my “theory of everything”, in a bit of a patterned form, I won’t go into details but the answer can be found in this article, cause I really would like you to think about this in your own terms.

    There is this old song that has been completely forgotten, probably because it is too cheesy for today’s standards (no, it’s not a Manowar song). The lyrics of this song go something like this:

    There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.
    Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung.
    Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game
    It’s easy.
    There’s nothing you can make that can’t be made.
    No one you can save that can’t be saved.
    Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be in time
    It’s easy.

    Now what did the author have in mind? Or better to say, what state of mind was he in to write such a thing? Everything is easy? Yes it is. read more »

    February 8th 2008

    A new way

    If you’re wondering what’s up with Berserker I took a little break from it cause I had exams and it’s always good to stop doing what you’re doing for a while – for multiple reasons (did you ever notice you get better at games when you’re not playing them?). In times like these I have a lot if insight, cause you can stop and meditate, and see how things really are. Good soil for epiphanies.

    I want to write here about one of these epiphanies I had less than a year ago. I was doing Crimson Glory at the time but something didn’t feel right. I felt this is not the thing I should be doing. This wasn’t just about that game but my life in general. It was a 3D game with a 2D view, so it was far more complicated graphically than what I wanted to do. From a programming point of view it was easy stuff but it wasn’t easy from an artists point of view. I had two 3D artists working at the time and the game was slowly becoming a monster. 3D is very time consuming and even these two guys couldn’t manage it, and there were still levels to be made… I slowly realized it would be overkill. So I just grabbed my balls, said fuck it, and ditched the project.
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    February 3rd 2008

    Battle hymns

    There is a war going on. Whether you know it or not you have chosen to participate in it. If you have not chosen to die today, you have chosen to fight.

    Each of us has battles to fight. Those battles can be your personal history, your social background, all kinds of weaknesses including physical and mental, and all sorts of other obstacles that prevent you from achieving what you want in life. This battle is always uphill and it is always hard. Most of us will never win it. The majority will die defeated. Some of us will retreat mid-track. Some will simply ignore this war in hope that it will go away and peace will come.
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    February 1st 2008

    Sacrifice to Gods of War

    This was laying on my hard drive for some time, why not show it to everybody.

    This is a testament of how heavy metal rules. Long live Amon Amarth and true viking metal!

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