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    Written by . Posted at 7:20 pm on February 28th, 2008

    Alex and Franko were friends. They lived in the time when Poland had overthrown communism, when the country was starting to rebuild. These were times of chaos, brutal force had become dominant. Fate had placed them in the drug dealers capital – Szczecin. The streets of this city were not safe for the average man, so Franko and Alex had to train martial arts (to defend themselves and to impress the chicks). They liked walking around the city at night and sometimes that lead to rather unforgettable adventures. One night, Franko and Alex, in their wildest dreams would not expect what would happen. While walking down a dark alley they came across a group of bandits with their leader called KLOCEK (klotzek – means “block”, “chock”, “woodcut”). They fought well but could not stand a chance against these enemies. They were defeated. After some time Franko regained consciousness and saw laying beside him, the dead body of his friend. He promised revenge.
    For the next 5 years Franko trained in the local gym, growing his muscles. He trained kung fu and perfected his skills. He had one goal, one desire. It was revenge – to slay Klocek and his pack. Finally he did it, with no regards to his own life and the life of innocent bystanders he went out, it was time for vendetta.

     In times of freedom in the game world (which also meant legal piracy) a game came out in Poland 1994. It was called “Franko: The Crazy Revenge”. It was created for the Amiga world by the brave men of World Software with Mariusz Pawluk and Tomasz Tomaszek. I won’t write much about the game itself. Just go download it right now or watch this video.

    Nobody makes games like this anymore!!! It’s so simple! You just walk right and kick ass. You don’t need a million dollar script, prerendered intros and voiceover acting with Hollywood stars. And it’s not just the brutal simplicity it’s the overall feeling of the game. I think even from watching the video you get a sense of what this game is about. There is no bullshit here. It is 100% a man’s game. It’s not pussified, mass market appealing donkey crap. Just look at the intro for this game (I added the subtitles).

    MobyGames has some nice photo shoots of Franko the game . There’s an awesome interview, just for Polish people though, with Mariusz Pawluk (they made a game they wanted to play, because the only good fighting games were made for the arcades). But if you’re really waiting for Berserker grab this game. It will make the wait more pleasant. Don’t ask me where to download it. It’s either somewhere to be found as a DOS port or as an Amiga file (use an emulator).

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    1. The concept is good but I’m not too sure about the actual game. I could change my mind completely if I played it.

    2. nah.. ill skip this one

    3. it looks like a cool game ill go dl it now

    4. Jonathan Procenko

      Yeah… I just wana play berzerker…

    5. I loved that good old Amiga! It changed my live forerver :) I got a little humpback, a little nearsightedness (I’m too masculine to wear glasses) and a passion for games and programming. Since i started playing amiga i tried to understand the logics and technics behind games and the reason why a game is funny and some other not. I began to write text adventures with Amiga BASIC, later changed to C++, then learned it in school additionally to finally use it at my present job.
      I wanted to be a game programmer, but my life changed so fast, i married, needed some money and started a job as a “normal” programmer. Maybe some day my dream will come true. I have to kick my ass and start some bigger project on my own like you, Michal.

      Check this out: Aminga-Nostalgia!

    6. Cool! I see Arnie in that gallery :).

    7. Makron666

      That game is awesome. I love them old games, they are so brutal.

    8. archont

      Lubiłem tą grę..

      Jednak najbardziej w pamięci i tak zapadło mi Liero…

    9. Phantom

      I played that game when i was in kindergarten. Game was awesome!

    10. It’s not like they don’t make them anymore. Capcom still exists for example.. but there’s a real dearth of good fighting games, nowadays. Maybe that’ll rebound one day from the tunnelvision fps back to tactical fighting like swordplay and kickboxing.

    11. Good Old Amiga Times :)

      One of the best titles on that platform. Classic!

    12. Hey internet, guess what, I AM THE GREATEST.

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