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    May 19th 2009

    Optimization problem

    Got an optimizing algorithm problem here. Maybe you can help out with some idea or pseudo-code?


    I have a bunch of lines, but as you see on the picture they are not optimized. What seems one line consists of many points on the same line. I want to remove those points so that I have only the necessary points building the lines.

    May 18th 2009

    Tile engine works with physics. Lots of code written, it is 75% complete. What’s left is optimization & integrating it with the map editor.

    May 16th 2009

    Game design at Valve

    Here are some quotes from people working at Valve that Ifound most useful. From the site:

    We start with a statement of the design goals for a small section of the game and try to keep the pure design phase very short, preferring an imperfect prototype to a perfect design. As soon as we have that imperfect prototype, we play-test it to see if it achieves its goals. If the experience is fun even in prototype form we know we’re onto something. If our early play tests yield ideas for ways to improve the prototype, we try a few of those and then test again as soon as possible. So the heart of our design process is very iterative and everyone from the cabal watches every play test to apply their expertise to the game experience

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    May 14th 2009

    I’m adding some game development veterans to my contacts on the social sites. So far I got David Perry of Shiny Entertainment and Richard Huenink from 3D Realms.

    May 11th 2009

    Duke Nukem Forever is no more. This article makes me think Lots to learn from their mistakes.

    May 10th 2009

    Hard to program these days. Maybe because I decided to stop eating sweets. Anyway I got about a quarter of the new map tile engine ready.

    May 7th 2009

    Heart in the pit

    So simple and so true. Metal is one of my greatest, if not the greatest, source of inspiration. This is a quote from an interview with Eric Adams of Manowar:

    LM: There are so many different bands that are out there that have been pulled in so many directions…I mean, commercial directions, and radio-friendly…and you guys have always remained true. You’ve always remained the same and you’ve never sold out. You’ve never disrespected your fans.

    EA: Yeah.

    LM: So, what is the secret to doing that? There are so many bands that have never learned to do that.

    EA: It is very, very simple: read more »

    May 7th 2009

    It seems like the oldest game technology in the world – drawing tile maps is really slow. Am I doing something wrong?

    May 6th 2009

    I found Marshall Anderson on MySpace (these sites come into use). I lost contact with him shortly after he made music for Soldat. His profile:

    May 6th 2009

    Installing Window 7 Release Candidate.