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  • Written by . Posted at 4:52 pm on May 6th, 2009

    I found Marshall Anderson on MySpace (these sites come into use). I lost contact with him shortly after he made music for Soldat. His profile:

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    1. Shoozza

      Good job ;). You want him to make music for LD or why you searched him? Would be weird because I think you have already a guy for that.

    2. This is Marshall Anderson. Yes there is already someone else doing music for Link-Dead. Michal just happened to add me on MySpace. Anyone who enjoyed the music from Soldat can feel free to add me on MySpace, and if you need music for a game you’re developing, I’m always interested in helping people out with that.

      I’ve always been pretty overwhelmed reading how much people seem to like the music for Soldat. I’ve grown so much as a musician since then that those songs seem so basic to me, and there’s much I’d change in hindsight, but people seem to really enjoy the songs, so I’m quite happy with that.

      Anyway, thanks Michal for posting this here, I’ve recently been very eager to get back into the indie gaming scene, and what better way than through the game that got me into it in the first place?

    3. Shit, the website link in my post above leads to my band, not my personal MySpace profile. The link in this one is correct, though.

    4. Yeah, people really do enjoy the music. I’ve got dozens of requests for tabs. People asking to make remakes, live covers with their bands etc. Maybe you wanna do more music for Soldat? Where can we find some of your recent stuff, I’d love to see how you’ve grown as a musican?

      Oh and checkout Azazels blog on myspace its pretty brutal.

    5. Yes, I would definitely like to do more music for Soldat. I haven’t been releasing a lot of music online. But I’m going to make a Myspace profile for all the music I’ve done that isn’t related to my band (It’s about time to do that anyway).

      BTW, I looked up the Soldat soundtrack on YouTube, and there’s a video of a static background with the soundtrack playing, and it has over 7000 views. I’m pretty fucking stunned. I’m extremely happy to find out how many people like what I’ve done, and I’m eager to see what people think of whatever I come up with next!

    6. Awesome!

    7. So I’m working on the Myspace, there isn’t anything up on it right now, but in the meantime I threw a couple of “throwaway” songs onto the audio portal at Newgrounds.

      More to come…

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