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    Written by . Posted at 9:06 am on May 26th, 2009

    Here are some things I have been thinking about lately for Link-Dead. Sigvatr, if he’s not fantasizing about Ed Gein, is probably too, but I don’t know for sure cause he doesn’t have teh internetz at the moment.

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    1. wen the fuck is link dead coming out

    2. when its done

    3. I don’e know what the forst move was suppedsed to tell us, but does the second one reveal the single player campaing? Ain’t sure about the third – will we have other type of leagues than in Soldat? Sponsored by major computer/gaming companies?

    4. Hmmm, well…
      The first video didn’t tell me much, I guess it has something to do with the HUD or the map, or both?

      The second video had a lot of interesting new ideas, I liked the lift, the walls that can be opened by “step-on” switches AND I especially liked the way the guy could jump and grab on to ledges, kind of like in Prince of Persia, I think THAT would be awesome in Link-Dead!

      The third video is just crazy awesome, but if you want Link-dead ever achieving even the cult-status that Soldat has, then it’d better be something the world has never seen before. Even the slightest glimpse of a soldat-clone might ruin it.

    5. For English casted, live streaming Starcraft from South Korea:

    6. niko šveikovsky

      it’d be appreciated if you could provide a short explanation for each video you post with the reason for posting being “ideas.” it is difficult to tell what you mean, especially when you post something like a boob massage robot.

    7. dingdongtralala

      Just make the maps to be 100% scriptable and I will make you a single player campaign or two when Link-Dead is out.

    8. I want you to enjoy the fun of creative thinking so I won’t specifically write what ideas I have.

    9. dingdongtralala

      Electric retard in video game would be just awesome. Is that what berserker is going to be?

    10. danyukhin

      Well… The second one is about puzzles, but they’re gonna be cooperative(they fucking have to be), I suppose, so that you’d have to team up with your co-players to go through sumwhere. Don’t personally want any keys’n’stuff, that would suck. The bosses would be good though, if well balanced and planned out, something like tanks from a certain Valve game. Teamwork treatment as well that would be. The third vid is obvious^^ Link-Dead FTW!!



      I agree that Michal is fucking us , he should do one of two
      1) either set a deadline for the whole project
      2) break the project into small pieces and set a deadline for at least one of those small pieces and work on that , finish it and then set a deadline for another piece , and so forth

      He’s wasting time on this fucking blog , what he should do is get to the fucking code , testing , maybe hiring some testers , write some code , think etc …
      Instead he’s writing entries on this blog and drinking beer and slacking off.

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