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  • Written by . Posted at 11:36 am on May 25th, 2009

    I realized I can’t stream collision maps cause the server needs it all loaded at once. I’m researching how Box2D can handle a big world.

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    1. bradzeis

      You could have a big tile system b2Worlds. When a body hits the boundary of one of them you just move the body to the world one over.

    2. dingdongtralala

      I like milk chocolate.

    3. You asked who has a 32Mb video card : ME
      Good luck with Box2D

    4. Underline

      another rock on the way.

    5. The problem with separate subdivided physical boxes is when an object is present in, for example, 2 or 4 worlds at a time.

      I had some limited experience with box2d, but it was the AS version – not sure how far it is from the C++ one.

    6. bradzeis: hmmm might be a good idea, thanks.

    7. jettlarue

      bradzeid: imo, a overlayed world would work best, something where there would be 3 worlds loaded (the m one would be the one your currently in, while the two n’s would overlap onto 50% of the m world space. when you moved off the m world onto an n the n would then become the n world and mimic the ascii below (S is soldier). it would require checking of attributes in both worlds though and im not sure how box2d handles collisions between world, it may have to come to implementing the physics class and replicating it which would be a bitch but could be done in theory.


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