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  • Written by . Posted at 8:35 am on August 31st, 2010

    I’m spending all day with the debugger killing network bugs, trying to make it as polished as I can for the alpha release. Btw. many have asked for this (QoS Emulator) – I use it for simulating latency and packet drops.

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    1. Underline

      Bug Dead!

    2. Deadbug!

    3. Awesome! The Alpha release is coming! 😀

    4. im kinda excited 😉

    5. Makron666

      Send a terminator after those bugs.

    6. Underline

      MM is the Terminator!

    7. talking of the terminator: arnold has a mini guest role in “the expendables” :O
      (the movie itself isn’t that good especially at the beginning, but when the action starts lateron it becomes fun)

    8. illu: the beginning has awesome gore with a shotgun!
      Stallone’s recent movies are my inspiration for the gore in LD.

    9. it’s a grenade luncher. but he used a non explosive round or a 40mm flak.

    10. You can get those?

    11. Blacksheepboy

      I’m trying to imagine being you, as if I was looking through your eyes, having to do the work you do.

      Obviously I can’t do it. There’s too “projecting” I have do, and it inevitably breaks down.

      What I got from it was that you’re on a mission, that this work is kinda like your “path.” But of course, this is me assuming your role with MY mind.

    12. Seeing as LD is post apocalyptic, does that mean people dont follow the geneva convention, that would be cool, so we could have dum dum rounds.

    13. it’s a grenade luncher. but he used a non explosive round or a 40mm flak.
      I got the impression it was a shotgun, but that makes more sense. I gotta do that in LD.

      Blacksheepboy: Yes it is the path of my heart. It’s not your way so it’s hard to imagine, maybe even impossible. The same with your path, I could not imagine that.

      Makron666: I’ve got that written down in my todo list:)

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