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  • Written by . Posted at 4:58 am on August 23rd, 2010

    I have a problem with my laptop & GeForce 8800. When it’s hot it overheats while playing games. It’s hard to develop cause Link-Dead gives random errors, sometimes it doesn’t start or sometimes it starts but with 3FPS. Anything I can do about this other than moving to Norway?

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    1. An usb laptop cooling pad did the trick for me.
      You’ll have to get used to the fan noise and the heightened keyboard position, though.

    2. Seems like not a stupid idea. What brand do you have and can you recommend it?

    3. i have a cooling master pod for a 17″ laptop – it works awesome. it around 100 zl. you should get one. also turn on speed step on a c2d (if u have it) and lower the clocks on the gpu in 2d mode. did it happen before? it can’t just overheat just like that, maybe some power problems?


      3 cooling levels – the highest level is much quieter then laptop’s cooling on 100% ! it’s probably the best in this price range and it’s cooler master 😉

      sry for double post

    5. You could underclock the graphics card.

    6. I bought a cooling pad. Also took apart the laptop and cleaned the cooling vents and the fan. GC tops around 70 degrees now.

    7. Alternatively, you can work inside your refrigderator ;D

    8. Pull it apart and reheat paste the thermal sink for the card. Also remove any dust.

      Easier solution is a decent cooling pad though.

    9. Underline

      well, maybe you dont need to buy a cooling system. Just use your laptop in this position

    10. There’s probably tons of dust between the fins of the heatsink(s), so getting rid of them should be enough. Vacuum cleaner and pressurized air would be the easiest methods, but you can get far just by blowing in the vents too.

      Oh, and obviously use the laptop in such places and positions that the vents aren’t blocked by anything, which would pretty much zero the airflow inside the fins.

    11. yeah, the best ideas are:

      1. remove all the dust, it really helps alot.

      2. undervolt your cpu. yes, NOT underclock. it’s about the voltage. it doesn’t make your cpu slower or something. and it’s actually not really hard to do. undervolting the gpu is not that easy because you have to deal with the vga-bios. on my laptop it lowers the temperature by about 8°C. more is possible. other advantages:
      – more battery life (15-30mins more)
      – less fan noise & activity
      – longer overall notebook life
      – eco-friendly
      check this link or just google for “the undervolting guide”:

      3. buy some notebook cooling pad, like:
      – Vizo Ninja II Sumo Notebook Cooler:
      – Zalman ZM-NC2000 Notebook Cooler:

    12. Makron666

      Yes, undervolt and cooling pad will do the trick, or maybe a new laptop, the 8800 is getting a bit old.

    13. Put a bag of ice underneath it when you work.

    14. I’m gonna go for the cooling pad. Thanks!

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