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  • Written by . Posted at 3:52 am on August 24th, 2010

    Added attachment sprites for characters to make hanging hair, cloaks, jewelry etc. (like in Soldat).

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    1. cocks?

    2. and balls.
      But that was planned for Berserker.

    3. Are you still going to release berserker?

    4. Berserker seems more like a prospective ‘total conversion’ for Link-Dead than a game in its own right.

    5. if you’ll look at the gore demo and recall michal saying that you can punch in LD then making a berserker mod is as easy as making a prison/mental hospital map, playlist with only melee weapons and some new skins and you have berserker.
      btw are you planing to have a knife that can be also thrown like in soldat? my favorite thing;)

    6. Berserker might be a total conversion mod after LD is out.

      mmankt: hmm true, it should be really easy to make a Berserker mod. The punching in LD works the same as it worked Berserker.

    7. Underline
    8. MM, how is that pixel artist doing? Speaking of that, the game for the comic/movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The world is out for XBLA. The art and everything was done by a guy named Paul Robertson . If you want, check out some of his films and art. I have to warn you, he likes to draw priest ladies with crosses for nipples for some reason. O_o

    9. MM, how is that pixel artist doing?

      He’s great. We just did all the graphics needed and we will work again after the alpha release.

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