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    Written by . Posted at 7:41 am on November 26th, 2007

    Got something extra fantastic here. I thought about this a long time ago and finally got it implemented. This is a decal system. In the video you can see it working for bullet hits.

    Music: House of Death by Manowar 

    The decal system works like painting on the body part sprites. So you can do anything with it.

    • customized clothes
    • customized camo (change a specific region color)
    • tattoos
    • different faces
    • different facial hair
    • bullet hits (blood, armor marks)
    • dirt, mud, dust

    This is not like drawing something on top. You can change the sprite itself, by taking a chunk of flesh out of the body for example and make real holes!
    Let me illustrate this: 


    Next to the mighty animations and completely new map format this is the third revolutionary thing in link-dead. There isn’t any 2D game out there that has this working like this. There are some manly 3D games that have it (like Kingpin or Soldier of Fortune) but not with sprites. Link-dead will set a completely new standard and change 2D games history forever. And this is just the technology I’m presenting you here, wait for the actual game ideas!

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    2. I need to draw some better wounds, those ones suck ass.

    3. And other players will see these sprites?
      If so, it’s TOTALLY AWSOME!
      even if the pistol looks like shit.

    4. i love those details!

    5. Sigvatr: “suck ass” lol :)

      And the decals look really nice :)
      How will making holes work? Will it operate on texture apha channel, or actually cutting the polygons?
      From what i can imagine i’d say alpha, since it’s pretty much like addding a decal, but with other alpha value.

    6. Sigvatr: haha you suck ass, draw me some better ones.
      Shuger: yeah it’s the alpha channel.

    7. Very good! but you should make possible to hit the body and the other leg when these parts are close…
      () l A bullet comming from this side should hit the arm or the body..

      I I a bullet comming from this side should hit the left leg or the right leg..

      this is just my opinion.

      sorry for my english! 😀

      btw. it’s TOTALLY ROXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      keep the good work 😀

      question: will be possible to rip off a body part?

    8. wow, that is really cool.

    9. as a next video, how about showing us some bots :) or the sprites ingame in a miniwar??? just a little introducing to the classes :)???

      love the system btw :) ALL HEIL LINKDEAD 😀

    10. Will an injured player be unable to move as fast as a healthy one?
      Hmmm… and about that sprite… I think the wounds look cool, but the “Soldier” or whatever he is… aren’t his legs a bit too small compared to the body?
      Is this going to be in the final version of the game? Cuz if it is, I dont wanna be this character…

    11. Hmm…. You got bloodstains and wounds on bodies, wouldn’t it be cool to have blood splants on ground? Whoa, following an enemy by his blood! Just like in Predator :O

    12. It’s really nice feature. 😀 But the body falls in strange way, will it be fixed?

    13. This is shaping up to be absolutely brilliant.
      Although I’m a little disappointed in the effect when the bullet flesh, I’ll excuse it because your so early into development. Also, I want massive muzzle flashes =).

      – I think you should add some restraints to the ragdolls – they didn’t look that impressive when they die.

      – Will it be possible to add preset animations for dying instead of ragdolls?

      – An animation when the character picks up/throws a weapon would be nice too.

      – Maybe a little blood spurt for a few seconds coming out of the bullet wounds would make the bullet flesh impacts a little more meaty looking.

      Despite that, I’m really glad you’ve started working on what made soldat great – Guns and blood!!

      Keep going your progressing fast and well.

    14. Chaos Theory

      I like the decal system. Looking at the video, granted it’s very short, but it looks like you fixed some of the problems I’ve seen in other 2D sprite based games, for example Cortex Command, that when it adds bullet holes and wounds it adds them on top of the sprite, which sometimes makes the wounds poke out of the sprite and even float in the air. I’ve always hated that, great job on fixing that.

    15. Timewarp, an ur-quan masters like game had a ship called the katana. You could use it to cut any ship in two. Or three. Slice and dice. It also had some other pretty cool effects, so you’re not exactly discovering America here.

    16. I found something that you might like to see. It’s not anything new, really, but a small clip showing a ragdoll-game in which the joints of the ragdoll dont do any unnatural movements. I know this limits its mobility a lot, but I would like the game to have more realistic than extraordinary death-experiences. But that’s just my opinion…
      Take a look!

    17. Great work there, honestly.

      “Link-dead will set a completely new standard and change 2D games history forever.”
      I think other games did set up the standard for Link-dead rather than Link-dead setting up the standard for other games. Why I think that?
      The kind of animation you use was already used before (Cortex Command, Aquaria, Facewound, Odin Sphere just to name a few), the map format is just a solution you found, there were maps before, dynamic lights were used before (Nox used hard edged shadows, Diablo 2 used soft shadows, both 7 years old). Nice decal system though. But why should this set up a standard? I don’t see the need for other games to implement something like this, because its seems to be just a gimmick.

      I think its amazing what you are doing here, don’t get me wrong. I just think the way you advertise your game is a lot like boasting.

      Keep up the good work :)

    18. This was disappointing. Maybe if i listen to it at 160db…

      (I jest. Not really.)

    19. Nice, nice. Will the custom skins be able to be downloaded pre-game and then viewed by everyone else?

    20. Thanks everyone.

      Cosmin: yeah the ragdoll needs work still.
      Cranky: But you never saw these techniques in one game ever did you? Time will tell if this will be the best game ever. But I truly believe it will be so I’m not saying anything that is not honest.

    21. i love the game so far. :)

      the techniques, everything. keep it up.

    22. sprites and animations sux :E

    23. Linkdeadfan

      michael plzzzz post a gameplay video :) i wanna see some warfare going on, weapons!!!!

    24. Master Chief43

      Er… Um… Only thing “new” is how the guy’s foot go wit the terrain.
      Bullet holes aren’t new in 2D games… Sprites do look pretty bad…
      I think this v idea wasn’t very necessary… Since it didn’t really show anything…
      Hope for better demos.

    25. Fuckin awesome, although the ragdolls are too free and he falls into a little pile, the resolution is gay, and the pistol looks like one of those ones you find in certain lego sets. Plz give us a demo, or at least some gameplay.

    26. God, you guys are complete ******. First of all, Master Chief43, “bullet holes” are not the new thing here. It’s the way they are implemented in the game, not by being added onto the sprite, but being the sprite itself. But you of course couldnt understand that.
      And Makron666, if you read the posts (which you obviously didnt), you would have noticed that the subject has already been mentioned and the answer was,new sprites will be added and the ragdoll will be modified. So your post was totally useless at this point.

    27. Master Chief43

      To Cosmin: Um… wow… First of all, you don’t seem to read posts either… or atleast read them right. I didn’t say “Bullet Holes” were new in 2D games in the first place so stfu. And second of all, “I think this v idea wasn’t very necessary…” was a typo. I meant the video wasn’t very necessary or didn’t have much information… It uses a old sprite anyway. Cosmin… you need to chill out. Think before you post.

    28. Master Chief43

      To Cosmin: Oh yea forgot something. I know what I’m talking about you fuck. The bullet holes aren’t a sprite that pops up when it collides with the body. Dude… shut the fuck up. You have no right. I was completely talking about the damn video you twit. Not what MM wrote. Er… I hate idiot like you who don’t use inferences…

    29. Nice work, MM. Keep it up.

      @Master Chief43: Probably best you stop now before you dig a deeper hole. 😉

    30. Master Chief43

      It just makes me angry… Ok everyone. Don’t say anything that’s not nice.

    31. wow i really cant wait till this is finished the bullet holes will make you feel like you have done some damage you sould allso change the sizes of the holes for small bullets and big bullets

    32. treeSkwerral

      A couple things, the ragdoll physics need some work. Also when you shoot a char can the bullet holes show up in relative to the direction of the bullet but randomly on the character? Cause I’m not sure about you but I know when I shoot a character from the right it’s not just his arm that could get it but his chest also.

    33. I like how the ragdoll shrivelled into a ball =)

    34. Espressokuppi

      Funny “dialog” :) I’ll look forward to see men getting chainsawed!

    35. Espressokuppi: me too!

    36. oh you sould make it so if you shoot somebody who is near you the blood would splater onto your clothes it would make the game feel allot more gorry and yes i know it has allready been done but not in a 2d game

    37. Makron666

      I know cosmin, go fuck yourself, i was just pointing something out because i have the right to, you don’t just come along and start shit, read the post’s and get your facts right you faggot.

    38. I love it, it’s good!!

      Although, i was wondering how much of it you have completed because you’ve obviously got the actual game to run because you’re posting demos, taking consideration of new maps being made and the other teams gosteks maybe you could be considering a release date for a beta test or something.

      P.S I can’t wait for limbs to be flying through the air rag doll style 😀
      It is looking good, keep it up 😀

    39. Okay, if you just could get that chainsaw idea of yours working, this would be truly the best 2D game. Ever. Even Facewound would shiver next to this.

      With this, you could almost make 100% destroyable environment. 😮

    40. custom lego guns…

      Do you have a newsletter to sign up to?…

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