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    Written by . Posted at 7:18 am on November 24th, 2007

    I decided to get some of my music out of the closet. I never did anything with them because I make music for my own pleasure and fun. But now I’ve come to a point where I’m interested what other people think about it. The only place where you could find my music up until now was the old Soldat theme and (remember that?) and of course the complete soundtrack for R.

    You can find the music in this new section My Music, with descriptions and extended commentaries to music from R. Don’t expect to hear a specific style cause I experiment with everything. All the stuff there comes from the heart and I hope you like it.

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    1. haha cool, making music is really good! Letting them hear to other people even more. I think i started over 500 tracks but never finished anything :/

      Are you still doing some music?

    2. With what tracker did you wrote btw?

    3. .it files are Impulse Tracker -files. It is a 10 year old DOS-based tracker, one of the best at it’s time. It is quite much like Screamtracker by FutureCrew.

    4. Thre are some really good music and some not so good music, but tumble, it just match link-dead, it could be used for the opening! i could even imagine while it was playing, it begins whit the sun rising, showing a destroyed landscape, and when the first heavy sound plays a bullet cross the landscape, and when the second heavy note plays, a guay taking a head shot or something, and then some images of the action, guys being blowed up, and so on, and in the end, “link-dead” apears on screen 😀 it wold be cool

    5. I started doing tracker music in Modplug Tracker (that’s where I did battle). I did that when I had no idea about musical composition. I still tend to use the tracker sometimes, part of the drums in Tumble are done in it.

    6. haha modplug tracker ftw. Im still using it to cut my samples sometimes and just play them on different notes.

    7. I’ve downloaded modplug of pure curiosity, i just wanted to see what are you talking about. My impression was like: Why no one told me about it before?!
      I was looking for such program for some time, i’d never suspect this kind of programs are called trackers.

    8. I dont know much about music-production, but I have to say… “absorbia” is simply beautiful, I could stay and listen to it over and over again… great job.

      But I wonder… most of your music is so peaceful and slow-paced, I cant even imagine how you could create “soldat” and “link-dead”, being the violent games they are, and then stay and contemplate on such quiet music. Hehe, how come? Need a break every now and then maybe?

    9. Shuger: yeah a genius invented trackers. Too bad people forgot about them.

      Cosmin: Thanks man. I wonder about that also. I guess I make games “for something”, like to give people a major experience. In contrary, I make music with no specific agenda. It just flows from me and I guess when you do things that way, you get closer to what you are really about.

    10. Not bad at all! My favorites are turym and absorbia. Tumble has a great style too. I can already imagine it suit perfectly to link-dead.

      Keep it up!

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