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  • Written by . Posted at 9:20 am on April 22nd, 2010

    I decided to make a break from blogging to clear out distractions and focus better on my duties. The blog-fasting will take 7 days.

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    1. danyukhin

      OK if it helps. Lucks!

    2. we’ll miss you

    3. niko šveikovsky

      i myself am taking a one-week internet fast so as i can get more done. see you in seven days.

    4. Everybody these days wants to “get more done”. What about the good ole’ “relax, take it easy” ?
      I’m gonna keep using the internet and wasting a couple of hours a day watching funny videos, shows and un-updated blogs.

      Because I can.

    5. Makron666

      @Tenshi: I might join you at that, work is overrated.

    6. cool, thanks for the heads up

    7. cool, thanks for the heads up

    8. I’m not sure where to put this comment, so I guess I’ll put it here: I’m not sure how to add games to steam (for PC), but it might be worth taking into consideration.

    9. There’s a new game like Soldat in 2.5d, worth a peek Mikael:

    10. Looks exactly like Crash Commando, isn’t it the same team behind it?

    11. Ohai talking about 2D shooters;
      we got Gang Garrison 2 set up on our schools shared file drive.
      (Admins even blocked it once)

      A lot of the guys thought Soldat when playing it.
      Another LAN classic.
      Decent multiplayer 2D sideview shoote* ah screw it,

      Soldat clones are still pretty rare, it seems.

      (Soldat is still a major inspirer for our stuff over at Faucet)

    12. you failed at resting 1 week.

    13. Underline


    14. Makron666

      No, he hasn’t blogged anything yet.

    15. But he didn’t clear out distractions, either

    16. Bobkazak

      I don’t know if you know or had anything to do with this, but there is a game on steam that totally rips off Soldat.

    17. @Bobkazak: We just addressed that game. See Andrew’s post

    18. Занятно-занятно, нигде раньше на такое не натыкался.

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