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  • Written by . Posted at 7:58 am on April 16th, 2010

    Request to Microsoft Visual Studio development team – BIG EASILY PRESSABLE CANCEL COMPILE BUTTON.

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    1. what happened? i hope you can fix it…

    2. which version you use? the new 2010 (express)?

    3. Underline

      LOLLL man!!

      I have the same problem EVERYTIME!

    4. try ctrl + pause

    5. How much damage done?

    6. hehe, Ctrl + break does the job or Shift + F5

    7. There’s already a cancel fonction for every microsoft application, we call this ALT-F4. Just make sure you save your work before compiling. :)

    8. Sometimes, to cancel stuff in Windows, including Windows itself, just hold the reset-button pressed for 3 seconds.

    9. Is this because of the monstrously long time it takes to compile a large project or that you hit compile when you damn well shouldnt have :P?

    10. you think hes still compiling at this very moment?

    11. MM this is visual interesting

    12. also watch (and play) TAGAP – its really fun:

    13. The problem is, on most keyboards the break button is small and you have to look for it. For example on my laptop it is “hidden” under F12.

    14. Underline

      LOL, yeah, and when you try to push it, you hit something else that make something you dont wanna

    15. shurcooL`

      The last time I gave 2010 Express a quick whirl, I couldn’t find the _compile_ button! At least it wasn’t as easily accessible as in 2007. 😐

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