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  • Written by . Posted at 10:21 am on April 30th, 2010

    I’m happy to announce that pixel artist Victor Rojo has joined the Link-Dead team. You can see his previous works here and here

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    2. niko šveikovsky

      michal, thank you for making the right decision. procedural art simply cannot accomplish everything.

    3. stuff like this:
      freaking awesome 😀

    4. HexanValaris

      This guy will create the best sprites for the game, i hope:) and i see on deviant art he is making awesome 3D models:)

    5. *best. news. ever.*

    6. @illu:

      Haha, I was going to post the exact same link.

      Hope this works out better than Sigvatr.

    7. But please don’t make it look like a pixel-game from 20 years ago…

      Remember that video with that graffiti-building where you showed us the light effects for the first or second time? That was awesome! That’s the kind of quality of graphics I’m expecting.

      Don’t start doing a super mario here with just 100 pixels/soldier please

    8. Makron666

      Yea i agree with tenshi, although the old low res art style looks nice, and kinda has a warm feeling to it, hign res is the way here, just add an optional pixelisation shader, for that old look.
      And good job Victor Rojo, that is really great art, i can really see your talent at spriting, especially with Gunher, and i can see awesome backgrounds being made after looking at that deviant art page.

    9. facepalm
    10. @facepalm

      But, yes, I think this artist will do.

    11. though i am agreeing with the non-mario style, the first link posted is awesome, the one from Illu.

      That style would quite fit link dead somehow.
      though, the models/sprites that sigvatr made and put on the web were insanely great too. i was trying to find a link to them, but he took it off deviantart.

      i think michal still knows what i mean.

      o well, i guess its waiting now for the new GFX , whats going to be done first ? characters or maps ? or maybe,,, items ?

    12. Tenshi
    13. no , sigvatr made a layout for the military sprites. based on class, they looked great. that was on deviantart, but i think he took it down as soon as he stopped with LD

    14. Tenshi

      ? These are based on class. Copy paste the entire link

    15. no those are the drawings, sigvatr made sprite ones too.

    16. chiptune

      Nice, a Spanish artist on LD.

      Hope he gets fully involved in the project.

    17. no : P its not online anymore xD i had it in favorites 😛 so dont bother trying to find it.

    18. randomguy001
    19. Something tells me he didn’t pay for either Z-Brush or Photoshop, lol.

    20. curious

      I guess it doesn’t really matter that he is a ‘pixel’ artist no?
      Otherwise the news is great and the dude’s work seems interesting.

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