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  • Written by . Posted at 5:32 am on April 29th, 2010

    I regret blog-fasting cause there’s a lot going on. A nearly exact commercial Soldat clone was released this week. I gave a speech at TEDxWulkan (video will be available soon). The in-game map editor is half-way working and I’m working with a new pixel artist.

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    1. Makron666

      Also, it would probably help if you stated the name of said soldat clone?

    2. Why would I advertise it?

    3. It’s called booster trooper and it’s crap

    4. Your the one that said you wanted to see my soldat clone awhile back, why are you mad? Sure they took some of your ideas, but it’s not like it’s an EXACT clone like you are saying. Updated graphics, more modes, new ideas, etc.

      Don’t be mad when your the one not updating Soldat to modern games.

      Soldat 2 is way overdue. (hey, that rhymes)

      Why are you concerned about a soldat clone when you have practically abandoned Soldat (for now)?

    5. Yeah it’s totally crap, but adding some physics would make it better.

    6. New pixel artist is a amazingly great news. Cant wait to see what he will produce. I’m also looking foward to the video of that speech.

    7. Fish Fart

      Booster Trooper is crap. The graphics may look appealing, but the feel looks slow and clunky. No soldat clone will ever beat the original without adding bunnyhopping. Soldat’s movement system can never be beaten!

    8. “I’m working with a new pixel artist.”
      –> Best news so far! 😀

    9. why are you mad? Where did you get that from? I’m not mad, I just don’t want to advertise it cause I guess its crap and don’t want people to waste their time.

    10. whitdemon

      well Soldat will be cloned because its a good game(and every one that played, MISS it)… and HAD a really nice community… its sad to see it abandoned… HEY MM have some LOVE for Soldat, leave it with stable build, come on…

    11. Enlighten me because both of these games look like Abuse clones to me. Nothing wrong with that. Abuse was an awesome game.

    12. Makron666

      Sounds shit.. give them their time in the hot seat, then release LD, their community will cease to exist.

    13. Yeah that game is shit.

    14. The maps look like Halo 3 and Modern Waffle maps. Plus, it looks similar to the commercial clone that was released on PS3 a year ago. Unpolished and cheap.

      Obviously Soldat will be cloned, but if you’re going to clone the game or at least produce a game of the same genre – 2d multiplayer platform shooter with physics… do it right and make it look nice.

      Nice that you’re working with a talented artist this time.

    15. analintruder

      well an free aiming 2d side scrolling game isn’t exactly an soldat clone

    16. @MM: You need some Captcha or Question (like: “Which is the best game in the world?” –> “Soldat”) to prevent the spammers.

    17. It’s apparently a prettyier version of soldat, albeit with less potential for modding and (ATM) worse gameplay.

      We can all expect the gameplay to improve (less inertia, anyone?), but modability will remain low regardless.

      As it stands Soldat is better, but this game has potential nontheless.

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